I finally decided How I want to do my overflow on my 20H. I'm gonna go with the bean animal design using 3/4" drains. I'm gonna use glass from a 5 gallon tank to build the overflow. It should be dead silent and not take up too much space since I'm going with 3/4" drains. I'm gonna do one return with a y in the tank to spread the water flow out. I could have bought overflow and return kits from glassholes.com but decided to piece everything together and I am saving about 50 bucks or so. Plus I wanted my tank to be "custom" LOL

I picked up some 2x3s to build the frame of my stand. Gonna make it 48" tall and 30" wide and 18" deep. Which will give me 3" all the way around the tank and I can drill holes in the back for the plumbing. Prob build that tomorrow. still working the kinks out, how I am going to finish it and add a door, but I may just use 1/4" sheets of birch or oak plywood, stain or paint it, and just put moldings on the edges.

I'll get my parts on order tonight, build the stand tomorrow, play around with the tank to figure out where I want to cut the holes