I just started reading your journal and all I've got say is WOW! You have really done a great job with this!!! I have no advice on your poor gourami but you seem to be doing everything you can for him.

I've keep tetras for years and as other people posted "sometimes you get a bad batch". Did you ask the LFS what thier pH was before you purchased? If your pH was higher or lower than thiers this could be the answer. Neon's are realy sensative to big swings in pH. I got a batch of Rummy Noses from foster/smith last year that did the same thing, just kind of lingered and died one at a time till they all were gone. My card got credited back because of thier "live gurentee" but I was still out $35.00 for freight.

Another thing was their red coloring faded? This would be the a sign of the infamas "neon tetra dicease". And one last thing were they eating when you bought them from the dealer? I always have the clerk put a little food in the tank before I purchuse just to see if they are eating.

Just some things to pass on to you because you seem so sad over their loss's.

Your doing a fantastic job so hang in there.