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thats what I figured with the Gars, would love to have one but probably not lol. no tank big enough :( I'm getting a 75 but I guess its a no go lol (kinda figured that already)

damn that blue eyed guy sounds amazing!

Yeah I was thinking Ivory, compared to albino,

oh she's under the impression that the YB x Normal = 50% Norm 25% YB and 25% Ivory :( I'll have to inform her

Yes, YB x Normal will give you 50% Normals and 50% YB (in theory). The YB gene needs to be in both parents in order to produce an Ivory.

I'm probably going to an Expo with them so I could try to find something there.

I do like BPs, a lot, just wasn't sure if I wanted to go with something super common (at least I think they are, maybe they aren't) I'll also look into that Boa!
We were just at the Hamburg expo today. Got a new breeder sized het Albino girl. Normal BP's are common....Some of the morphs are amazing and not very common at all. At the end of the day...Most snakes available in the reptile trade are somewhat common. It's all a matter of personal preference.