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  1. Default Last ? i promise

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    Ok one more question and then im done for the day i think lol

    So when doing a water change i do one once a week. In my ten gallon im running a whisper 20 filter, inside it is 1 aquaclear sponge then a bag of biomedia, then a bag of ammio chips.

    My quesdtion is how often should i be rinsing out the media inside the filter. I just did my water change for the week and bumped the filter while it was off. When i turned it back on a bunch of (dead) grey matter flew out of the filter and turned my water slightly cloudy. Should i rinse out my sponge every water change in dirty water? every two weeks. Its been probably about 3 weeks and i havent rinsed the sponge the media orchanged ammiochips.

    Just want to get a good judge of when i should

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    Every three to four weeks is fine. If it's getting that dirty, you should probably clean it every three weeks. How much are you feeding, you might want to cut back a bit if that much crud is in the filters so quickly.
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    yeah im debating on how much im feeding. I think im going to feed every other day once a day with flakes. then final day ill do a sinking pellet for corys incase they havent had a ton to eat. Next week ill squeeze out sponge and swish media around.

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    I don't know if there's another thread so maybe you've already been advised of this, but if you do rinse your filter media, make sure you do it when you do a water change and rinse it only in the old tank water. NOT tap water.

    I've had my 5 gal running with a HOB since mid March. I haven't changed or rinsed the filter or media yet. You don't want to take a chance on losing your beneficial bacterial. So if your water perimeters are good (A-0, Ni-0, Na - 40) I would do as little messing with the filter as possible.

    At least, that's the advice I've been given by these knowledgeable people here.
    Good luck!
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    You're doing well -- it's good to ask questions, thats how you learn. :)

    One more thing -- make sure not to rinse out all your filter junk at once as you'll wash away lots of beneficial bacteria. Like someone else mentioned, I hardly ever rinse my filter media, only when it starts to get quite clogged. Then, I just rinse one at a time -- one week rinse the sponge gently, just enough to get the excess muck off. Next week rinse the biomedia, and the week after that the chips. :) ALWAYS in tank-water, and gently. You're just rinsing the excess crap off, not scrubbing it clean.

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    You do NOT rinse out the dirty filter in the tank. You draw out some tank water in a pail and rinse it out in that and toss out the water. Why would you want to put that crap back into your tank?

  7. Default

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    I know to pull water out and do it in old water. How do i clean the sponges only ewithout disrupting the bio media and things that are on top of it. Because the second i pick up that stuff wont it start shaking it loose.

    Ill probably do it this time because of the overfeeding and junk inside the filter once i dclean i i hope to not touch it for a while .

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    I wrote that as a joke because someone here was doing just that the other day. We always say rinse media out in tank water and he took our directions literally! I guess we need to be more careful sometimes?

    Just squeeze the sponge out in the same manner. Doesn't seem to me your filter should have to be rinsed at all yet. You just finished your cycle, didn't you? You can set a new cycle back very easily and not sure as I'd do that yet.

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    I do it like once a month if I could, I run two filters though and my tanks always seem clean tbh
    RIP Shark Bait, my Red Tail Shark :(

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    Yeah there's really no reason to do it unless your filter gets blocked or starts spitting out stuff that isn't clean. The inside of your filter may look "dirty" but it's okay.

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