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    Default Advice to fill tank

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    After some advice on what fish to put in my 3ft aquarium i have a common Plec in there some Sunset mollies and 2 Red Tail Sharks but need some fish to fill it up what would be best for me.

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    I asume you are rehoming 1 red tail shark? And the pleco when it reaches 6-8inches?

    This being the case then you have hundreds of options. Not all of these but in one tank ofcourse but here's a list of fish that can do a 3ft;

    German Blue Rams
    Bolivian Rams

    Bottom dwellers:

    Khuli loaches
    Weather loaches
    Multitude of corydoras species


    Loads of species of tetras - serpae, rummynose, bleeding heart, penguin, silvertip etc
    Tiger Barbs
    Cherry Barbs

    Certain mixtures of these fish would work depending on your tanks size in gallons. Also remember red tails can be aggressive so might inhibit your bottom level stocking.

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    It really is funny that the firemouth was the absolute first thing on your list, Scottishfish.

    and for Scotty36, Do consider white cloud mountain minnows!
    They may not be as flashy as some tetras, but (providing you live in a hardwater area) they don't need soft water to show their colors, and what colors they have are visible from anywhere instead of a certain angle in a certain light like you would expect from some iridiscent fish.
    I don't think there will be many problems with the shark due to the different levels they live in.
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    telling that the tank is 3ft isn't really going to help us much to help you. give us more details like : what is your filtration? what is your water parameters? is the tank cycled? is it planted?

    As Scotti said, i will rehome one (or IMO, both) of the red tail sharks, they will get aggressive towards each other and to other bottom dwellers as well. I will also rehome the pleco right now, like NOW. I'm assuming that your tank is still fairly new and you don't really have algae to feed the pleco.

    Last question : would you go for a peaceful community setup? a cichlid setup? or a semi-aggressive setup?
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