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    Question Neon Tetra Eggs or Snail Eggs??

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    From what I could find out this morning, they are both similar in appearance. I added to my stock of tetras last week. I did notice at the LFS that there were a lot of tiny snails in just about every tank there, thus, me mentioning to the person working there to be careful to NOT getting any snails mixed in with the fish. Does anybody have any pics that I might compare to?

    When I added the fish to the tank, I very gently caught them (one at a time) and placed them in my tank. No, I did not add their water to mine.

    They are small whitish, clear raised dots on the glass (front and back but not on the sides?)

    I fed the fish Tues AM, they were not there. I fed them again before leaving for work last night and that's when I noticed them. There were more this morning.

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    neon tetras don't lay eggs on the glass, they're egg scatterers. And if I remember correctly the eggs disintegrate when exposed to light. pest snails tend to lay eggs in cluster that looks like a spot of slime. What you're describing sounds like cory eggs... I see you do have corys.

    try a google image search for corydoras eggs and see if that's what you have.
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    A+ Brhino. Those are not neon eggs.

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    Snail eggs will be in clusters of 20 to 30 in a jelly containment clump. You will see a round brown shape in the eggs.

    Neon eggs will be scattered and tiny like a clear poppy seed, I believe they attach using filamentous barbs. You will see an eye first.

    Cory eggs will be in groupings of 1 or 2 to 5 and be placed randomly. They are fairly large and they are an almond or a light coffee color. They stick well to the glass and resemble a sesame seed but round. You will see a cory in there in 3 days.

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    save the eggs before something eats them !!! my cory laid eggs last week and within a few hours they were gone!
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