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    Default Suggestions for a top-dweller?

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    I have been considering adding another fish to my 30g neon tank for a while now. The neons all spread out in the bottom third of the tank and the top half looks really empty. Even when I feed them they wait until the food floats down atleast midway. Other inhabitants are Kuhli loaches and a BN plec (so again, lots of activity at the bottom, none at the top).

    It is heavily planted with quite still water because of the plants -- I don't trim them much so they fan out across the surface of the water when they reach the top and create kind of a canopy. Creates a really cool natural look and dulls the lighting in the tank. pH about 6.5, temp 25C

    A lot of people have recommended Dwarf Gouramis but I'm hesitant because of the ever-prevalent DG disease. Are there any other options for a peaceful fish which inhabits the top-middle strata, or which will sort of go all over the tank? (I did have swordtails in there and I liked the way they utilized the whole tank, but I have since moved them on). I'm unfamiliar with killifish but I am aware they are top-dwellers.

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    A gourami would terrorise your poor wee neons. I don't know the temps required but cloud mountain minnows are cool top dwellers, was looking at them in the lfs 10 mins ago
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    Hatchet fish are top dwellers. You could go for a pearl gourami. I have a male pearl and a female opaline in my 29 gal and they get along great and have for over a year. They utilize the top but also travel all over.
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    What about harlequin rasboras? I had 6 in my 30 gallon tank a few years back and they were mid-top dwelling almost exclusively. I don't know if that is the same for everyone, but that's definitely how they were for me! And they look beautiful, black and silver with that coppery sheen. No pic does them justice

  5. Default

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    I have marble hatchets (as opposed to silver that you usually find in petco etc) and most people agree they are the coolest fish in the tank. If you're looking for a school rather than a "showcase" fish, def look into them! school of 6 -10 looks awesome.

    If not school, consider getting a betta? I thought DG disease was only for blue powder? The flame dwarf is easy to get and pretty cool looking.
    Check out my 55 Gallon, planted, Philly themed community tank! Rummynose and Cardinals, dwarf cichlids, plecos, shrimps

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    I have 2 male guppies who hug the top of my tank - they follow each other around - it's quite cute.

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    I've never known of one person who had Dwarf Gourami Disease. However, I would get some rasbora.

  8. Default

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    +1 to the rasboras or maybe a school of danios.

  9. Default

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    It seems like we've been talking about them allot here lately but Killifish are perfect for what you are looking for. They only live on the top and need a canopy of plants to be happy. Only * would be that you need to have a good top as they can jump. But truthfully I haven't seen any "top dwellers" that don't jump.

    You could also do an African Butterfly in a 30. Technically they could grab a neon but its highly unlikely. They aren't fast enough and they only eat things floating on the surface.
    Last edited by FinalJenemba; 06-06-2012 at 03:19 PM.

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    +1 to FJ

    As long as your neons aint seen as a snack for Killies
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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