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    Default White Spot (Methelyne) Blues !

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    Hi, I'm Kiwi Dave. I've not kept tropical fish for 7 years now. I sold my 6ft tank and all the fish so I could move to Queensland Aus. I have recently set up a 4 ft tank that holds 200 hundred litres give or take because of gravel and caves. I put the fish in after a week thinking the water would be stable enough. To my dismay.... silver shark started showing signs of white spot, the next day, the clown loach was looking a bit dusted too. I went straight down and bought this new stuff called Rapid White Spot Remedy....Never Worked I''m on my 3rd 50ml bottle of Machilite Green now and I've lost both clowns, a kuhli Loach, the silver shark and my neons are dying at 4 per day. My bristle noses and black shark are ok, and about 16 neons are not showing any signs My question is, what are they putting in the white spot cure these days? Food coulouring? It used to be so easy to get rid of white spot by one dose of green and raising the temp to +28 Celcius. I hope this parasite hasn't become immune because I cant bare to put them through another dose of treatment.I do half water changes before repeating doses. It's been 11 days now.

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    The likelihood is that the fish are ill due to stress from an un-cycled tank. You may wish to read up on this forum about tank cycling. These medications will not work very well in an unstable tank, and while the aquatic life is still being stressed.
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

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    +1 with Tiari - running a tank with no fish and no ammonia being added will not make a tank "stable" - it's just running a tank with the electricity going.

    Your goal is to grow bacteria in your filter to process the ammonia that fish produce otherwise it builds up in the water and stresses the fish, causing illness/deaths - hence, reading up on "cycling" (which is the nitrogen cycle).

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    Have you done your water tests? I have to ask that first because you set up a new tank and then loaded it with new fish without cycling either "first" or at least "slowly". I suspect between having an uncycled tank and treating with medications is your root problem.

    Have you removed the carbon from your filter? Have you added an airstone for extra oxygen? (All medications deplete the oxygen levels as does high ammonia levels.)

    It should never take 3 bottles of medication to treat a fish for ick. Treatment after you see no more spots should continue for several more days to make sure new ick being hatched is also killed.

    (Neons with a silver shark is not a good pick.)

    Are you vacuuming the gravel daily to pick up Ick that is producing on the bottom of the tank?

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    Default White spot and cycling

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    Yes I'm syphoning the gravel and washing the filter sponges in the power filter out every second day. I wash them in tank water and ran the tank for a week without fish but plants before adding fish. I have tested the water for ammonia and it reads fine. I haven't tested Nitrate And Nitrite though.
    I've never known A Silver shark to be aggressive to small fish. My last one in NZ was over 25 cm when I sold the tank. It was the Gourami that did all the ambushing.

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