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    Default API Testing issues

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    Hey, So im wondering i know the instructions for the API kits say to hold the tube up against the card. for all the tests this is fine but HOWever the nitrate kit is throwing me off. If i stare at it on the counter it looks Red. If i hold it against the card it looks red 40ppm If i hold it 2mm off the card it turns orange like 20ppm. If i hold it against a white wall or i hold it at a light it turns to what is the correct thing :(

  2. Default

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    I hate the nitrate test. 10-20 look the same to me, and 40-80 look the same. Plus all that damn shaking...

  3. #3


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    YEah the shaking im ok with the problem i cant distinguish between 20-40 cause some angles its red and some angles its orange. Im thinking soince i have like 5-10ppm of nitrate in my tap i should do 50% water changes weekly.

    I also do 1 sinking pellet twice a day for the 3 catfish and a pinch of flakes twice a day for the barb. Maybe im over feeding every day

  4. Default

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    I don't know what brand or size/shape the sinking pellets are, but that sounds like too much for 3 cories.

  5. #5


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    hmmm I am using API bottom Feeder shrimp pellets

    So What should i do. I am not good at judging

    Should i only do 1 pellet a day plus twice with flakes

    once flakes in the morning one pellet at night
    or flakes once every other day once
    and pellets every other day once

    4 cherry barbs 3 catfish

  6. Default

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    I would do a water change and test again. and the cats will eat the flake as it sinks and if they are really hungry they will just swim up and help themselves. I think you might be over feeding? just try once every two days with small amounts.

  7. #7


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    Hey JTrain,

    Through the help of other members on the forum here I have pretty much determined that the Nitrate test card is misprinted or something in the newer API test kits. A poll of the forum once resulted in many people who said they had an old kit and a new kit and the card in the old kit looked different and was easier to tell.

    I use my card to determine all of my tests except nitrates. When I do nitrates I use this website
    I literally hold it right up to the computer screen and compare them.
    10 gallon live planted aquarium with 6 neons
    90 gallon fw community in progress

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    Not everyone sees colors the same. It's it bright enough orange that it's confused with red, then it's probably high and time to do a water change.

    I have taped my charts inside a kitchen cupboard. Just gotta open the cupboard and hold my tester up near it.

  9. #9


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    ok ill try would you suggest a 50 % change, Lady plus maybe not as much food as well

  10. Default

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    I too can't see the difference with the colors on the NitrAte card. Thanks Crunchy for posting that site. I'll probably just use it now on.
    27 gallon Marineland cube freshwater:
    4 Cory Catfish
    10 Red Eye Tetras
    4 neon tetras
    1 Balloon Ram
    1 Bolivian Ram

    15 gallon brackish:
    1 Figure 8 Puffer

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