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  1. Smile Fish Compatibility?

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    Hi guys, I need a little help. do you guys know if Angelfish, platys and Ram Cichlids are compatible? or will they eat eachother?

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    These species can co-exist very peacefully as long as their requirements are met. What size of tank is it that you have? Their are two types of rams, bolivians and german blues, what one was it you were considering?
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  3. Smile

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    I just got them as gifts recently. I don't have a tank for them to all live together yet. I have them, separately, in 18 gallon tanks right now. I want to put them all together instead of 3 separate tankies.The Rams are German Blue Rams Cichlids.

    I have 3 Platys, 5 Angelfishs, and 3 Rams.
    What size tank is best for this many?

    Thank You
    Last edited by busycat; 06-04-2012 at 06:48 PM.
    If God answers your prayer, He is increasing
    your faith. If He delays, He is increasing your patience. If He doesn’t answer,
    He knows you can handle it.

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    The main problem you're going to have are the angelfish. I've never seen anyone recommending anything smaller than a 29g tank for a single angelfish. You can't keep a group of them together. They pair up, and once one or more pairs form it'll be all out warfare in the tank as they try to stake out a territory for themselves. What a lot of people do is start out with a group of 5 or 6 young angelfish and watch for them to pair up, and then keep one pair and remove the rest. I'm not sure what the minimum recommended size for a pair of angels is... 40 or 55g probably.
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    You need to research the fish you keep rather than get them as gifts. 18 gallons is too small for even one of them and in order to have as many as you have, you would have to have a VERY large tank to hold down the aggression. Your "gifts" need to be returned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by busycat
    I have 3 Platys, 5 Angelfishs, and 3 Rams.
    What size tank is best for this many?
    Thank You
    Others have explained your situation to you so I will simply tell you my experience.

    The short version is this: I have 4 angels in a 90g tank... I tried 5 [He needed a time out from his GF] and 5th one was beat on so severely [in 36 hours] that he later died from his injuries.

    All 5 grew up together btw, It makes no difference. If you do not have enough room for everybody to get out of each others way, Somebody loses.

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    Hi busycat. :) The combination works well, like stated, it's just the numbers of angels. If you can get a 30g+ tank (the bigger the better) you could keep the rams, platies and one angel -- maybe pick your favourite.

    Or you could get a bigger tank, like a 70g+, keep all the angels and wait until 2 pair up and get rid of the others. Then you'll have to deal with lots of aggression when they breed though.

    Unfortunately I'd probably recommend keeping only one. The good news is that if you did get a 30-40g and keep 1 angel and all the platies and rams, you'd have room for some other fish, like a school of [larger] tetras that you like and some cories or kuhli loaches. :)

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    If you were able to sex the angelfish or had someone sell you sexed angelfish you could keep a group of bachelor males together. Without the ladies the boys actually can live quite harmoniously. No hormones or anyone telling them to clean up all of the time.

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    True except you can't sex them until they are mature. And her tank is too small to get them to mature.

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    You actually can keep angels in groups but for the most part we just say you can't for practicality reasons. A group would need a lot of fish and allot of space, like 16+ fish and 200+ gallons. They actually live in schools in the wild. So to answer your question directly you need a 200g tank lol. Like the others I say just keep one, they are happy alone they don't get lonely.

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