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  1. Question 55 gallon stocking idea, need opinions

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    Hey there,
    I recentley just got a 55 gallon tank that I have yet to set up but I am starting to plan what to put in it!
    So far I am thinking
    -a pair of Bolivian rams(if I ever figure out how to sex them)
    -1 male and 2 female red cockatoo dwarfs cichlids (If I put in enough plants and flower pots and whatnot I think the pair of Bolivians would get along just fine)
    -6 pygmy or julii Cory cats
    -10 celestial pearl Danios(if you have other suggestions for the school by all means let me know because these fish are not cheap)
    -some sort of snail to help with the sand(suggestions?)
    Thanks for reading and putting in your thoughts!

  2. Wink please leave your feedback:)

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    I appreciate helpful advice and opinions! Thankyou:)

  3. Default

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    Or what about kribs???

  4. #4


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    Not too sure about eh CPD in a big tank with bigger fish. They might be like neons that will just hide away because they know they're the lowest in the food chain. So it might not be a good idea.

    You can add way more cories in there. I would suggest upping to at least 10 because your tank size permits it.

    I'm pretty sure cockatoos are peaceful unless they will breed, and that's not gonna be the case because you are not gonna buy mixed genders. I'll go with the 1 male route though.

    Here is the thread for sexing a GBR, i think it would be the same with Bolivians : Sexing German Rams

    It's either kribs or rams in my opinion. Unless you're gonna go with a male of each specie. because kribs will be aggressive and harass your rams when they go into breeding.
    Da name's Paul. Not Dave. ROFL

    Learn to give and take. That's how things should always work.

  5. Default

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    So what other fish besides the CPD would you suggest?

  6. Default

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    And I think I'll probably just go with two pairs of Bolivian rams instead of mixing up cichlids

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