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    Default Help me stock my 75g

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    I'm going through cycling a 75g tank. I'm still not sure what I want to put in it.

    I really wanted angels, but I'm starting to get unsure, since they get big and aggressive.

    Otherwise, I'd like to have some pretty schooling fish. I wanted other SA cichlids, but I'd really like to stick to smaller fish - ideally nothing larger than 3-4 inches. Like Bolivian rams. But, I also thought rainbows would look pretty. I'm really not sure what else, or how many, so I could use help with that..

    I assume if I'm going with these community fish the angels are out, right?

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    angelfish can go with community schooling fish. You just need to avoid the smallest ones like neon tetras, because they could end up as food. Rainbowfish would do well.
    300 gallon mega tank: sailfin pleco, clown loaches, silver dollars, roseline sharks, congo tetras, new world cichlids
    125 gallon office tank: Africian cichlids, synodontis catfih
    75 gallon community tank: bolivian rams, black skirt tetras, dwarf neon rainbowfish, corys, harlequin rasboras, otos, bristlenose and bulldog plecos, assassin snails, various shrimp
    60 gallon goldfish tank: fancy goldfish

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    You should totally go with Bolivian rams. They are peaceful, beautiful, and develop nice color when kept right and fully matured. In a 75 gallon, I'd say two pairs would work.

    As far as angels go, they can be great community fish or aggressive terrors, it just depends on the fish you get. But yeah, you should not keep them with very small fish, because they will get eaten regardless of temperament. But don't give up on them totally.

    Good luck :D
    Research, research, research!
    ( I really should follow my own advice!)

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    Would it make sense to just get one angel?

    And so aside from the fish I listed, what else is worth looking at? And of the rainbows, what's the best kind?

    Thank you!!

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    Yes, one angel would be perfect!
    Some other cool and unique fish out there are two types of catfish I really like: the glass cat and the upside down cat. Glass cats are finicky with water conditions and need a group, but are totally see though and worth the challenge! Upside down cats are a little more hardy, but also need a group to survive. However, they are really cool because they swim completely upside down!!
    Research, research, research!
    ( I really should follow my own advice!)

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    Quick note: if you decide to follow through with glass cats, wait until a little while after you are done cycling. That way, the water will be better for them and the will have a better chance at survival ( they are extremely fragile fish!) anyways, I don't know much about rainbows, sorry.
    Research, research, research!
    ( I really should follow my own advice!)

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    Eep, the glass cat sounds really cool but I don't know if I'm up for the challenge! I think I'd like to stick with fish that are a little more hardy, at least for now. Thanks for the suggestions though! I guess I'll get 1 angel then, 4 bolivian rams, and some rainbows. Would cardinal tetras be ok in this mix, or are they also food for the angels? Oh, and of course catfish. I think the corys were pretty hardy, right?

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