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    Default The 20 gallon stock that didn't happen

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    A couple a weeks ago I started a thread on here about stocking my 20 gallon tall tank that I've changed my mind about all the fish and I've come up with a different stock list. I currently have 3 Cardinal tetras and will finish the school to 6.

    The stock list
    6 Cardinal tetras
    3-4 Male guppies or 2 Male platies
    A centerpiece fish ( Don't want rams)

    Can a blue gourami fit because they are really cool?

    Water parameters Is cycled
    10 ppm Nitrate
    Ph 6.8
    Temp. 79F

    Any advice helps Thanks

    Sox for life

  2. Default

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    Personally i wouldnt do a blue gourami... Iv kept some pretty aggressive gourami's in the past and if your gourami is aggressive 20gal is far to small for the other fish to escape its wrath!

    Id go with dwarf, Honey or chocolate gourami...

    a 20gal would be better suited to dwarf variety anyways..

    The rest of the stocking sounds fine.

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    Could I do this
    6 Cardinal tetras
    2 Male guppies
    2 Micky Mouse platies
    1 Honey sunset Gourami

    or should a do just guppies or just platies

    Sox for life

  4. Default

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    That stocking seems fine to me Anyways, if you just did guppies or platies you'd be overrun. They breed like mad, and mine never ate the babies. Gouramis and tetras will however.
    "Can ye fathom the ocean, dark and deep, where the mighty waves and the grandeur sweep?" - Fanny Crosby

  5. Default

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    If you are taking about the gourami I'm thinking of, it will definitely be too aggressive for a 20 gallon. A dwarf is better for a small aquarium and do better with smaller fish. I would go with a neon blue dwarf. Very pretty.
    Research, research, research!
    ( I really should follow my own advice!)

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    Gourami freak, are you speaking of the blue gourami or the honey gourami about the aggressiveness

    Sox for life

  7. Default

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    Im talking about the blue gourami. Sorry for not being specific enough! My apologies. I have kept blue gourami in the past, and they actually terrorized my neons at the time to the point where I had to rehome the blue gourami!
    Research, research, research!
    ( I really should follow my own advice!)

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    Thanks all for the info and advice

    Sox for life

  9. Default

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    You should definitely stick to dwarf gourami. The chocolates are definitely harder to keep and not as available as the flame or powder blue. Have fun!
    Check out my 55 Gallon, planted, Philly themed community tank! Rummynose and Cardinals, dwarf cichlids, plecos, shrimps

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