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    Default Amelia's Future 2nd 70G Stocking

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    I have no idea why I started thinking about this, since I haven't even filled the 70G I have now, but I'm sure many of you are familiar with this -- you start thinking about a certain kind of fish which you really like and unfortunately can't keep. This leads you to consider which tank mates you'd keep with it. And the sized tank. And how you'd lay it out...

    ... Next minute you're looking up 70g tanks in the classifieds...

    So, HYPOTHETICALLY, not that I'm contemplating buying another 70G (or similar sized)...

    Would this stocklist work?

    1-2 Golden Severums
    20 Tiger Barbs
    6 Pictus Cats
    1 Red-Tailed Black Shark
    1 Plecostomus

    NOTE: for the plecostomus I'd have to research something medium sized. Bigger than a BN but smaller than a common, if such a thing exists.

  2. Default

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    Sounds like a cool stocking scheme to me! I don't know what a severum or a pictus cat is, but I doubt they get too big.

    With the pleco, there really aren't many commonly available 'medium' sized plecos out there. It's usually really either small or big. However, something like a medusa or leopard frog pleco may work. They are hard to come by though. Not exactly common.

    Good luck :D
    Research, research, research!
    ( I really should follow my own advice!)

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    From what I hear Pictus Cats are (Wild Things -> this coaster's name). So six seems far too many for a tank that small (36 x 18 x 25, correct?)

    I don't really know much about your other stock, but I know it would be helpful to know what type of Plecostomus you want. It could be 4 inches or it could be 40 inches and that makes a big difference in stocking choices.
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

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    I have no idea what plecostomus I'd want. I'd pick based on what I could find that wasn't too big.

    And yeah, I was thinking 4 pictus cats might be good. They're very active things, but the other fish should be able to cope. Note that they're the 12cm max species. Many people seem to think they get like a foot long, must be other species out there with a similar name.

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    Well a 55G is recomended for a pair of sevs, so your 70G will be fine for them. Pictus get large but I think 4-6 of them could work as long as you give them lotsa hidey holes.

    I think you may get bored with just 20 tigerbarbs, you should mix them up with 7 tigers, 7 greens, 7 albinos. Since they are just colour morphs they will still school together and give you a nice mix of colour.

    I don't know if the red tailed shark might clash with the pictus.

    I likes your stocking ideas
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    Is your tank 36inx18inx25in?

    I don't mean to be at all rude, butI wouldn't even put one pictus in there

    Recommended tank sizes:

    Minimum Tank Size: 70 gallons at Live Aquaria

    Given its active nature it really shouldn’t be kept in tanks measuring less than 48″ x 18″ x 18″ (120cm x 45cm x 45cm) – 243 litres at seriously Fish

    Tank: 48 inches and
    One of the most active fish I have seen the Pictus cat needs a large tank as it can suffer from lack of exercise In smaller aquariums at Badman's Tropical Fish
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

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    I have no idea where people are getting these measurements from... I don't even OWN said tank yet, and I haven't stated any measurements. But it would be a 70g, 120cm+ tank.

    To avoid confusion, it's Pimelodus pictus. Every site I have been on said that a 4 foot tank is sufficient.

    BUT I may have to scrap the idea anyway and stick with cories because of the risk of the barbs nipping on the cat's long barbels.

    Yes Scotti -- :) that was what I planned on doing with the barbs. Love the big mixed schools.

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    Is your tank 36inx18inx25in?
    Guys, a tank like that around Aus & NZ is usually a minimum of a 4 foot long if that helps.

    I can't think off the top of my head of something other than corys for you to have in the tank if you can't have pictus. Barbs in a large school don't tend to be as nippy as small school though...

    4 ft 60g FW: 2 angels, 4 blind cave, 1 whiteskirt, 4 gold widows, 6 serpaes, 1 neonhead apisto, 4 clown loaches, 4 albino cory, 2 bronze corys & 3 BN plecos.
    23g FW: 1 neonhead apisto, 1 yoyo, 2 albino BN plecos & 4 pepper cory
    5.5g: Crowntail Betta, 6 black Khuli's & RCS
    5 g: Crowntail Betta, 1 albino cory (Quasi), 4 baby khuli's & RCS
    7 g: Dragontail Betta & 2 albino cory
    3ft Axi tank: 1 black, 1 gold - 1 redcap oranda & 2 albino cory

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    Keep in mind that pictus will swallow anything that can fit in their mouths... I'm not sure how big tiger barbs get, but make sure they're not snackable size!

    That being said, I adore pictus cats and wish I could have them myself.

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