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Thread: Peacock Eels

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    Default Peacock Eels

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    Done some reading on peacock eels, I can give them everything they require and I have found out that my lfs can get them in if I asked for them.

    Got two questions though;

    1) Are they beter kept in groups? If so how many?
    2) Would a/several eels eventually snack on my khuli loaches?

    I just feel they are quirky looking an might consider them for my aquarium. Thanks guys ScottishFish
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    No one?
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    I kept one for about 6 months but it eventually stopped eating and died. He was an interesting enough fish but it hid an awful lot and was impossible [in my tank anyway] to make sure he got enough to eat. I would try one again in my tank if my stock list were seriouslly thinned.

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    I have only experience with fire eels but id imagine they are pretty similar....

    Impossible to feed when you first get them if you have large bossy fish in your tank. They need to be hand fed for a few months as they are very shy.

    Eventually they will come out at feeding time and go to the surface for food. Took mine around 5 months.

    Fire eels shouldnt be kept in groups... I just looked it up and it seems peacocks are ok with their own species.''

    Kuhli's and peacocks... If the Kuhli's are large and the peacock is well fed i can see it working. Its risky with a large peacock but it will take years before it gets to that size to be a danger for large kuhli's.
    Last edited by -Alex-; 06-02-2012 at 07:50 AM.

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    Thanks Alex!! My khulis are between medium - Large the now. So in your opinion 1 peacock eel would be ok if I made some under gravel pvc network for it to enjoy
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    IMO, I would not put kuhlis and a peacock eel together. I have never heard or did first hand experience, but you would be surprised on what a peacock eel can fit in its mouth.

    I also suggest on only having one, they can become a bit territorial when keeping in a smaller tank. Also, I would conquer feeding one, before feeding a group. Bloodworms, live black worms, meat wafers are a good staple diet.

    Feeding after lights out are important for the eel to thrive in a tank, low competition is critical in the first weeks on keeping a eel. You main objective should be getting the eel to eat, monitoring the health of your eel, and make sure it is getting comfortable.

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    Can never be sure i guess.... My old 16" fire eel never ate my guppies so i suppose i cant imagine a peacock which is considerably smaller eating mature Kuhli's.....

  8. Default eels rule!

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    hey! i have a peacock eel and around 12 kulie loaches in one tank and have never had any issues. my eel, graham, likes live earth worms but ive never seen him go near the loaches as food, often he will be chilling somwhere and the loaches are zipping around him and hes never interested.

    Hes only about 15cm at the moment so will get a bit bigger but i dont think hes going to develop an appetite for them. Hes very placid and will eat out of my hand. I guess if he got to the size of the fire eels it may be a different story but topping out at one foot i dont think it will be an issue.

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    I guess I've been lucky. Ive got 2 peacocks with mollies, pleco's, and platys and by day 3 they were coming out and eating the bloodworms and brine shrimp

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    I also have a peacock with loaches and have had no problems. He'll probably dig himself for a while at first, but mine is a free swimmer now and doesn't bother had fish. I feed him bloodworms and eats often. Awesome fish, and actually why I chose sand as a substrate rather gravel, since its a little easier for them to dig.

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