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  1. Smile 50 Gallon Stocking!

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    Hi there :)

    I hope I have put this in the right place!

    I have just joined this forum, but I am not new to fish keeping. I have a quick question - I have a 50 gallon set up, and I just want to check my stocking list.

    I have:

    6 x Bleeding Hearts (Wanted to make this bigger but can't get anymore of them)
    6 x Ottos
    5 x Three Lined cories
    6 x Zebra Loaches
    2 x Bolivian Rams
    About 6-10 Platies (I am getting some off a friend) I would like to have fry, but will keep the numbers controlled :)

    Size - 200L (Approx 50 US gallons)
    Filter - Fluval U4 Internal Filter (I do plan to get an additional filter sometime soon
    45-50% PWC per week

    Does this sound ok overall?


    Does this sound ok

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    The platies will make it difficult to get the tetra numbers up should you happen to find more. I'd just get a pair, you'll get more eventually.

    Your bottom zone will be quite full
    3 potted plants and 6 strings of plastic do not make a planted tank!

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    From what I know ottos need quite a lot of algae. I'd try setting up a system as described here by forum member Dave:


    A container. Large and low is best
    A group of inert, rounded stones; river cobbles is best
    An ammonia source
    corse sand paper
    Sea salt for marine.
    Sponge filter, air pump, airline and air stone.

    I use kiddy pools on my back deck, but you can use what you like, as long as its low and wide like that. I use fist-sized river cobbles. I sand the 'top' of the stones with coarse sandpaper to rough the stones up a bit so the algae will stick better. I spread them all over the bottom of the pool in one level, except for a corner where I place the sponge filter. I fill the pool with regular, dechlorinated water.
    In freshwater you'll need a ammonia source. I use guppies for this. Get good guppies, not the feeder kinds, as you don't want to introduce disease. I use guppies because of their great temperature range: 60 to 90 degrees. I start the air pump. My pools get about six hours of sunlight a day, and indirect the rest of the day.
    For marine, I use brackish water, about 1.005 to 1.010, as regular 1.025 sea water just turns green. You don't need an ammonia source, and it'll take you a while to tweak the salt level where the water stays pretty clear and the algae is on the stones.
    It takes about three to five weeks to get a good growth on the stones. You could add phosphate and or nitrate to speed things up, but there's no need. I feed the guppies two or three times a day.
    The stones are perfect for feeding freshwater fish like Otocinclus and other sucker-mouthed catfish, silver dollars, pacus; lots of herbivore fish. In marine, the algae-covered stones are a natural food source for Tangs, some blennies, some snails; all kinds of creatures in marine and marine reef tanks.
    After the stones are picked clean, I replace them in the the pools. In about two weeks they are 'full' again.
    Obviously, the bright spring and summer are the best time to culture on stones, though if you have an enclosed porch or sunroom, you can put your cultures there. If a room gets below 70, use a heater for the guppies' sake.

    I agree keeping a pair of platies or all male/female would be far better than keeping 6.
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

  4. Default

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    I already have most of these fish. The only fish I don't have are the platies. I need something to fill up the top space, and I like platies. I plan to buy a trio of platies and go from there. Does that sound ok?

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    If you want a top filler I think hatchetfish would be something to look into.
    10 Gallon Nano Tank

  6. Default

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    Ok, Thanks! That might be a consideration. Would platies not work?

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    Platies would work but I think the Hatchets would look more natural with the setup you have. Plus Platies produce a lot more waste then hatchets. It is not a problem for your 50 gallon though. Is your tank planted? What is the pH? Because that can effect hatchets. Also do you have a hood? Pictures would be good.
    10 Gallon Nano Tank

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    Remember though that hatchet are excellent jumpers and they do need a tight lid if you were to get them.

    Guppies are also top dwellers, so might i say instead of platies is go for all male guppies. Just not sure if your bleeding hearts will nip the guppies' fins.

    How come you can't get any more of the bleeding hearts? They're not that uncommon.
    Da name's Paul. Not Dave. ROFL

    Learn to give and take. That's how things should always work.

  9. Default

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    I don't think guppies would be a safe option with my Bleeding Hearts. But they would be nice

    My Bleeding Hearts are quite nippy and always having little scuffles with each other. They are almost fully grown and getting on for 3 inches. The Bleeding hearts in all my LFS in the area are just under an inch long. I may be wrong, but I think they would be bullied.

    My decision is now between hatchets and platies.

    The tank is planted. I have a tight fitting lid. I can't get any pics at the moment though. The pH is pretty neutral at about 6.8-7ish.

    Do I need floating plants for hatchets?

    Thanks for the help :)

  10. Default

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    It's looking more like hatchets would be the best option.

    Which would be best - marbled hatchets or silver hatchets?

    How many should I get?

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