Just a discussion I have been waiting to broach. Got no pics cause he is on other side of tank cause he got too big to get out of that area. As the title states he is 9 months old and has not only survived but has put on at least another third the size he was when I got him. When I first got it I kept the tank fed heavily with DTs phyto but dropped way back on feedings like that within the past 4 months due to algae issues. Matter of fact,in the past month I do not feed any phyto at all. I have started using a blender mush comprised of all the frozen foods I have mushed up into one frozen block that I cut chunks off of and feed every other day. I also have 2 other scallops,both of them electric flames,the oldest one has gotten at least twice the size he was when bought back in jan of this yr. The latest electric was gotten in april and I honestly cant attest to its well being because I cant see its flesh,just its shell but I bought it back in early april.
I did not buy these guys to prove or disprove whether they can be kept or not but so far I think my results speak to what is possible and plausible.
I have these pics to share even though they arent up to date they are only a few months old.I would get even more of them but they have a tendency to bash into corals while they spurt around the tank.