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    This is correct.

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    COngrats on getting the little guys. I do advise getting no less than 6.

    Although, the behavior of ~Col~s Yoyo doesn't seem too yoyo like. Mine do anything and everything but hide, whether in the main tank with the rest, or in isolation.

    They snap and pop at the water surface when they want to be fed. They are pigs and eat everything, including inadvertent nips of fins while feeding.

    If 1 is separated from the school, it may just go off and do his own thing and scavenge or explore, or it may try and play with the nearest fish until it sees another Yoyo and darts over to it.

    They are constantly chasing\playing tag, and do tight barrel rolls (sometimes 6 at a time) back and forth, not caring what they run in to.

    They do take short rests, and which ever way the current is flowing, is the way they will lean (or roll lol). Sometimes they rest upside down.
    I have 1 that plays dead, and floats around the tank limp like a dead fish, bouncing off things, doesn't flinch when you tap right beside him.
    You could swear it's dead, then all of a sudden after 10 mins, it wakes up and chases another yoyo at full speed.

    Wow... I need a new hobby haha I could go on about these guys..

    As for size, it's hard to say; I've had 1 for 3 years and he is only about 3 inches and very fat, while another is only 2 years and almost 5 inches.

    Aggression is minimal, it's more so their energy level and playfulness that other fish can't handle and get stressed.. which is why they are in my malawi tank...

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    Default Normal yoyo loach behavior!

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    Yes, lying on their sides is one of the things they do best! I have three, Wynkon, Blynkon and Nod. They are lovely, personable, funny little friends. I have seen zero aggression between them or towards their tankmates. I have contemplated getting a couple more, but then thought I'd add several Polka Dot loaches into the mix instead. Does anyone know if Polka Dots and Yoyo's will get along? I don't mix gets along so well now, I hate to tamper with it! Anyway, back to the original thread...sometimes I find them on their sides tucked into an indention in a big hollow root thing either on the inside or the outside. This large decoration adds plenty of hiding places, caves and holes. My tank is fairly heavily planted, with a couple rocks and mopani wood so that may also be why I see no aggression. I have also found them lying on their sides on one of my anubias hammock! Crazy little things! They love to play in the bubbles from my airstones darting up and down through them. They are such fun! I know that everyone says you need at least 5 or more, but in my case 3 may be all I need. Oh, they play peek a boo too. Haha, gotta love them.

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