I have always LOVED Gourami, ever since I had a pet paradise fish when I was 12 that I had for 4 years. He was so cool, used to eat out of my hand and nibble on my fingers and "follow" me around the room watching me. Wish I'd known then how to take care of fish properly, he probably didn't have a very happy life! :(

Anyway. I recently moved my group of swordtails out of my 30g tank, leaving a school of Neon tetras, some Kuhli Loaches and a BN Pleco (and some cories, but they're only in there temporarily!).

I would really love to add a Gourami of some sort. I like the Platinum/Whites, the Pearl/Laces and the Dwarfs. Any recommendations as to which I should get? Experience and advice greatly appreciated. :)

Also, I know that it is usually recommended to keep Dwarf Gourami (or any Gourami) individually, unless in a 55g+ tank with lots of cover. That pretty much describes my 70g, which is heavily planted and will be lush and filled with cover when the plants grow in properly -- ALL my tanks are heavily planted and filled with driftwood and rock caves, with dark substrate. I like them to look like natural underwater jungles.

Would a small group of Dwarf Gourami live happily in a tank like this? With loads of plants to create territories and break up the line of sight? Or is it just best not to attempt?

Thanks in advance for your help.