Hey guys, I have what I think is chinese ivy. Cardomine Lyrata off the top of my head... honestly have no idea.
It grows REALLY fast, so fast in fact that from a top down view, it's taken up almost a half of the surface. Everything under that is being choked and so I had to recently move it all to the foreground to get some light.

Each 'vine' has its own roots and it's made me wonder if I could have it as a ground creeper (is that the right terminology?). The issue is, how would I keep the plants down?
I have a sand substrate so I was thinking of using thick gauge fishing line and simply bend it over the vine and push it into the sand. An issue I can see is the fishing line becoming dislodged and getting stuck in a filter or even a fish!

Could I tie it to some sort of mesh? Am I able to put 'anything' into the water? As in plastics, metal etc

My final goal is to have the vines creeping along the ground so that I can space the plants out better.