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    Default Another question about lighting

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    I have an Anubias and Java Ferns in my 10 gallon tank. Their color is good and the Java Ferns are growing those little hairy brown plants all over the place.

    That being said, my Anubias hasn't changed at all in the month I've had it. It hasn't grown any new stems or leaves.

    I dose the tank with Seachem Flourish once a week after the water change. The lights are on from 11 AM to 10 PM on a timer so that they turn on and off at the exact same time every day. All the plants are anchored to driftwood.

    The light I have is a standard T5 fluorescent bulb. I am going to go buy a new bulb tomorrow because I don't know that this one is doing the job for my plants. It's the one that came with the hood and I have no idea what kind it is, it says 15W on the bulb, but that's all I know about it.

    What kind of bulb would be best for my plants? Is there one I could get that would be good for a slightly higher light plant like an Amazon Sword? Do you think that the lighting is the reason my Anubias isn't growing?

    Would I want this?

    Looking at the picture, it looks like it says "14 watt" on the smallest one, but it also says 6700 K. Does that mean it's actually brighter?
    I'm such a noob....but thanks for the help!
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    Hey, I had my Anubias with very low T8 lighting for a long time and it grew amazingly large and sent off so many roots. I have recently upgraded to medium T5 lighting and it doesn't seem to be growing as well as it was.

    I believe Anubias do better in low lighting conditions (the 15 watt T5 light in your 10 gal should put you in medium range although I'm not exactly sure). Another thing from experience is that they seem to do better with a shorter photo period. Instead of having your light on for 11 hours a day maybe try having it on for 8-10 hours and see if that promotes any growth after a week or so.

    Good luck

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    Woop I'm totally stupid. I don't know why I typed T5.

    The bulb I have is T8. But maybe that will work?
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    Kelvin rating has basically nothing to do with brightness- its mainly about the color.
    6700k is ideal for growing plants. 14w would mean 1.4wpg, which is considered low. My 166 is on 1.301wpg.
    Watts per gallon is really rough estimation though. I mean you could have 15 watts on a 10g custom, but if that 10g is an inch tall, that is very, very high lighting. If you have a 50g cylinder that is 12ft tall, 100 watts isn't going to do much.
    Of course this is all extreme cases though.
    I don't know crap about T2/T5/T5HO/T8/T12 though, all just bulbs to me. I run T5HO myself and it looks good so far.
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    All I know mine is 8000K 15 watt Fluorescent Aqueon for my 10 gallon and my swords are doing great if that helps. Helpful hint: Those little hairy brown plants could have new growth on it take it off when you can see the leaves forming and replant it into the ground I got about 12 new java ferns from mine. Although they are small hopefully the will grow to be big.
    Also my Anubias didn't really start to take off til it was in the tank for a month or so.
    I believe this is the one I have and it gets the job done.
    Last edited by es31710; 05-23-2012 at 02:55 AM.
    10 Gallon Nano Tank

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    Well I'll just keep it as is and watch the plants for awhile longer.

    About the java fern "hairs". I was told that Java Fern is supposed to be anchored to driftwood. Do you really plant the little ones in the substrate? Or do you try and anchor them to the driftwood as well?
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    I plant them Java fern does not need to be anchored none of mine id check my journal its in the left of my tank and infront of my driftwood just so you get an idea. My anubias is in my driftwood but only because it came like tht
    10 Gallon Nano Tank

  8. Default

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    Another thing CrunchyLeaf is that a T5 bulb will not fit in a T8 light. When I bought my T5 bulb I also bought a T5 adapter which was only $10, the adapter just fits in where the bulb should go and then the T5 bulb fits into the adapter (a lot cheaper then buying a whole new lighting system). If the bulb doesnt work in the adapter you may need to remove the 'starter' which can be found by taking the end off the light.

    The starter looks like this >>>>

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