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  1. Smile Dwarf Puffer Fish

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    Hi guys!

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with fresh water dwarf puffer fish? Ive done a bit of reading and am aware that its best house them in their own tank, so i have a spare 20gallon that i could set up for them.

    Any information from experiences would be great! also if anyone had any luck with another species in the same tank.


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    I've kept them before and currently am setting up a tank for another one.

    20 Gallons will be just fine for a Dwarf Puffer. Small fish but do produce a decent amount of waste. I fed mine mostly Bloodworms and Mysis Shrimp. I also feed snails as well, I just get them for free from stores in the area. Same snails that are a nuisance in most tanks are a welcome treat in the Puffer tank.

    They are awesome fish with interesting personalities.

    I have never tried to keep Dwarf Puffers with any other fish. Otos are the only fish you can keep with them and that is even hit or miss.
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    From the research I have done on these guys, you can probably keep about 1 male and 2 to 3 females in that tank (assuming it is long and not high)
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    Dwarfs are more relaxed then they are given credit for I think. Still species only but I didn't see much aggression towards each other, I kept 3 in a 10. No idea what sex they where, they couldn't have been less inclined to fight, never seen tamer fish.

    One thing I didn't realize before I saw them is just how small they really are. You cant tell from the youtube videos, they make neons look huge, that's how small they are lol.

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    They really prefer a heavily planted tank, apparently they get bored more easily and are more troublesome in a relatively bare environment. Best to have a steady supply of snails available too, they'll quickly clean out any in the tank and eat them faster than they can reproduce unless the snails are in a different tank. For that matter a large plastic tote with a sponge filter would be fine for a snail farm.

    ^^^^Please click the eggs/dragons, thanks.

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    I have one and he has a supply of snails and he also gets froozen boodworms. He had some ghost shrimp for friends but I think he decided they were tasty. Down to one shrimp. He doesnt eat them all he just bites them and kills them.

  7. Default Help Me Buy These....

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    Hi guys,

    My name is harry and im a new member on this website. I have been visiting endless amounts of forums and websites and I am not able to find Indian Dwarf Puffers anywhere. I mean, I hate computers, someone said you should look online. My typing speed has literally increased just doing google search's :)
    I live in victoria Australia. Thought id ask neighbors for help :) If anyone is able to import this for me ill pay a reasonable amount. I love this fish, you guys know how I feel. Please help!!! my tank is an optimum species only setup for DP's.

    Thank you,

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    Hijacking a thread aint a good idea, start your own thread with your own questions for optimal responses
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    I have 6 dwarf puffers. I feed them blood worm, brine shrimp, frozen foods ( i get the multi variety pack. they are very picky eaters and they will get bored eating the same food everyday so i mix it up. thaw their food. i feed mine pond snails (to trim down their teeth. feed them once or twice a week, thats their favorite treat). Put alot of plants and hiding places to separate them from fighting and killing each other mostly the males. They have very sensitive skin. No salt! they are completely freshwater but they can go in brackish water. Heater 75%-80%. they are fin nippers. Tank mates otto's, ghost shrimp(some times they eat them) bumble bee gobies, kuhli loaches. (I had one female left cause the male died and she is a pea puffer and i had another species called bumble bee dwarf puffer. so the female was all alone and i put her in a 10 gal and grabbed one of the bumble bee puffer male and put him in with the female just to see if they would get along. they circled each other and they mated so quickly they loved each other! :D Even though the lfs and the internet said not to mix the species together.. well in my case they do get along with each other. They are very intelligent. they will recognize the food thats in a cup or bag when thawed out. they will be swimming back and forth in front of the tank and they love to watch you when your just relaxing watching tv or whatever you would be doing. they love watching you. when you do water changes make sure you dont put your hand in the tank cause they will try to bite you. (i was doing water changes and one of the puffers charged at my hand and i quickly pulled my hand out of the tank. if they bite you, you would have to get stitches or be bleeding. it will hurt.) be careful. they are very entertaining to watch them chase (nip) each other. They lay their eggs on plants. their eggs are 1mm and you wont be able to see them with your naked eye, so you would need to use a magnifying glass. they eat their eggs. the eggs hatch 5-7 days. thats if you have a heater it will take 5 days for them to hatch and you would see little red swimmers. When the fry hatch they will eat their egg sack and the other unhatched eggs. You would need to feed them baby brine shrimp live. they sell brine shrimp eggs so you can hatch them yourself when you get home. Hope this helped. Enjoy!

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    if you are talking about the dwarf bee puffer (south american puffer ) i have had one for quite some time. he loves bloodworms and snails most and he gets along just fine with a vampire shrimp, kribensis, oto cats, glass cats, cardinal tetras. at one point in time his best buddy was an iridecent shark until i rehomed him. a bee puffer will get along with most fish just be very careful, i do NOT advise any slower moving long finned species. they also are the only puffer that will get along with their own kind very well. just be observant of them in the light and dark as you should with any fish, but the only time you will see them getting a little cocky is when its feeding time. they will try to give a little charge at some other fish and normally the others will just back down. but if there is adequate food for all, there isnt a problem. the puffer will zoom around the tank trying to eat everything just be sure not to overfeed b/c they will continuously eat.

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