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    Default Tang tankmate Suggestions

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    I am a Malawi Peacock collector slowly studying Tangkanikan cichlids. I have small groups so far: 5 Paracyprichromis, 5 Midnight Dickfeldis, 1 Etermodus at this point. I am interested in adding other Tangkanikan favorites of mine so far. They are: a group of 5 Calvus, 5 Enantiopus Kilesa, 5 Eretmodus Cyanostictus. In the future I am thinking about owning a group of Cyathopharynx foae. Would a group of small Frontosas fit with these? How about smaller Cyprichromis?

    Can I get some advice from any of knowledgeable Tanganikan keepers can give me suggestions if all or any of these fish are compatiable.


    90 gal. Malawi Peacock and Hap. males
    55 gal. Peacock females and smaller unsexed juvies
    46 gal. Bow front: Now holding fish for sale - Future undisturbed starter Tang tank
    29 gal. Breeding tank
    20 gal. long Growout pens
    20 gal. long Fry pens
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    What size tank is this all going into? One thing to keep in mind if coming from Malawi fish, unlike Mbuna and Peacocks/Haps, Tanganyika fish do not benefit from overstocking. They really need their space, otherwise you can have some real blood baths when they get older.

    The Enantiopus Kilesa, scratch those. They have to have a species only tank that is all sand with no decoration. Even with those gone your still talking about a big tank. Once I know the size tank we're working with I can help more.

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    The Paracyp's will probably be fine as a group, but the dickfeldi's will need to be thinned out after you have an established breeding pair if you want to add more fish to the tank. Calvus aren't likely to be any problems with adult fish, but will eat fry.
    The C. foae alone will need a much larger tank than 45 gallons, and frontosa are quite likely to eat just about any/all the others when they grow large enough. Those really need at least a 6' tank for a group of adults.

    ^^^^Please click the eggs/dragons, thanks.

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    @Final Jenemba, Thanks. I will start with the 46 gallon tank for 1.5-2 in. fish. When they grow some, I'm thinking of giving the 90 to the Tangs. The Malawis can go a future 120 or 125 tank. No mixing Kilesa? I am truly bummed. Such a cool fish.

    @Toddnbecka, Thanks. If I could swing another 125, could I put Kilesa with 5 Cyprichromis Magara and or a few or pair of different color Calvus? I was thinking of selling the fronts once they got 4-5 inches.

    How can I save the fry? Would putting clay fish huts around that they can claim territory and watch them close and snap them up a week after breeding, then egg tumbler if not "done"? Better or proper method?
    Last edited by VicMalatang; 05-07-2012 at 03:36 PM.

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    Ok, I have a better idea what we're dealing with now, that's similar in size to my 45 galling tall, same width anyway. Yes, no mixing Kilesa. I was bummed when I found out too. If you really like them there's no reason you cant just give your 46g over to a species only tank. It would be the easiest thing to setup, sand, water, filter, fish lol. They are supposed to be some of the coolest fish to watch. I don't think id mix them even in a huge tank, you wont see their real behavior unless they're alone.

    Starting with a small tank and upgrading when the fish grow doesn't really work with Tangs. Even 1.5" fish will still hammer out a territory, I've never seen fish get so belligerent over territory as my tangs.

    When I look at the Mbuna tank, they're all really aggressive, but its different. Everyone in swimming around and chasing/flaring/shaking whatever, all the time. That's why overstocking works, nobody can focus for to long s no one gets hurt. The tangs are so different, its like you can cut the tension with a knife in there. Every fish has his home and they all just sit there in their caves/shells giving each other the hairy eyeball just daring one another to come anywhere near their house.

    The only exception is the Calvus, he just floats around doing whatever he wants, he doesn't bother anyone and they don't bother him. I think because they know he doesn't want their caves lol. I've never had more than one though so I have no idea how they act to each other. What you could do is start out with an appropriate stock for the 46, and when you move up just add more fish of similar size, the move to the new tank will require new territory building anyway.

    I don't have much experience with Cyprichromis type fish because I've never had a tank big enough so I cant be much help there. I've always stuck to rock/shell dwelling fish. Never had Fronts either but everything I have read says they really need a species only tank as well and a big one.

    Forget fry if your going to have calvus, calvus are fry hunting machines, that's what they hunt in the wild, its what they evolved to eat. The body shape allows them to get anywhere and they will find the fry before you do lol.

    This is all sort of general advice, hope it helps, I can give you more specific stocking help once I know whether your sticking with the 46 or going bigger
    Last edited by FinalJenemba; 05-07-2012 at 04:20 PM.

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