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    Default Problem fitting python hose to faucet

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    Nevermind :P
    Last edited by Phantom2k4; 05-05-2012 at 04:09 AM.

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    Sorry for the double post, made a mess of the first one...

    Bought an aquarium setup today, was sure to grab a python as well, as it seemed very popular on this forum.

    I have two faucets available; the one in the kitchen will work, but it's the farther of the two. The bathroom is faucet is much closer, but this faucet has a plastic piece blocking the spout that I can't seem to get around. Unfortunately the faucet tip itself does not unscrew, so I can't just take the whole piece out. Is there away to get this plastic piece out so I can use the more convenient of my two faucets??

    I'm enclosed a picture of it:

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    A lot of bathroom faucets are made differently than a kitchen faucet and will not work with a pyhton.

    I would suggest just using the ketchen faucet
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    agree with Cliff. Also, a bathroom sink may not drain fast enough for a python when you've got the tap on full and you're also siphoning out of the tank. I found that out the hard way.
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    In my case, I have to use my bathroom faucet rather than my kitchen. My kitchen looks like it would work but the faucet itself is a tiny bit on the small size in diameter so I use my bath faucet.

    That pic you are showing looks like the shower head. Most faucets, if they are the standards, come with that little screen in the bottom of them. Just unscrew that little part. More and more we are coming out with these fancy-smancy faucets that are goofy shaped, sprayers in the faucet, etc, and none of those would work.

    Do whatever works for you.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    It really is an odd faucet head, never seen anything other than the typical screen

    Unfortunately the python I bought isn't long enough to reach the kitchen sink. I can either try to return it and buy the longer one, or just get an extension for it

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    I would get an extention for it if I were you. When I use mine I have to run my kitchen sink disposal when draining the tank. The python pups out SOOO much water. I just about over flowed my sink the first time I used mine.
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    that plastic piece you see is called the aerator and its designed to be removeable so it can be cleared of debris. look more closely at the chrome side of the faucet, about 1/4"-1/2" up the side from where the water comes out. if you see a slight gap in the chrome, then you will have to unscrew it. once unscrewed, you will have your threads showing and ready for the python to mount. if it doesnt fit, go to a home depot type store and get the right parts.
    if you dont see a gap, i'd follow LH advice.
    take a side view of the faucet so we can see it better.

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    sry, i meant ldoerr advice on the extension.

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    I was able to get the silly thing unscrewed using a pair of pliers and some really tacky rubber gloves for grip. The pump doesn't fit though, so i'll have to go to home depot tomorrow to look for an adapter

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