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    Smile 5gal Crab Enclosure

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    Ive decided that instead of my fiddler crab, Scorpion, having 4" of above water space on a stick in my 75gal, im going to give him a full 5gal to himself, made specifically for crabs. I decided this last night after he had been exploring the tank all day and then decided he was going to attempt to climb out on the rocks that are on the background. :facepalm: After catching him and finally getting him back safely on his stick so he could breathe again and actually climb it because its not a picture, i thought "hes to adventurous for this tank. Hes gonna end up drowning because he tries to climb everything and only the stick leads to air."

    So! Today i have to start making my Crab Paradise. I have the tank coming today from my mom, the mini duetto filter already cycled in betta tank, the food, the food dish, some gravel, and a heater. I just need a lot more gravel, a plant or something, maybe a small stick, and a "hideout cave" to half bury in the gravel like a burrow. Ill be buying all that today from my LFS.

    Pics to come when i start setting up! Do you think hel need any friends in his new home? Would a female be a bad idea? I dont want him to be lonely, but i do not want him to drown himself in main tank, so i am moving him to my room in a proper enclosure. :)
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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    I am sure he is going to love his new home. I dont know anything about crabs but he will probably like having his own space.

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    I'm not a crab keeper myself but I must say I have doubts. Will 5 gallons provide enough surface area?

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    Its a longer tank than it is high. Its dimensions are 14Lx9Hx9W. Which is actually very slightly less than 5gal according to calculator, but i think its close enough. Its pretty surprisingly large for a 5gal. I was expecting smaller. Its much more room than his stick he had before. :)

    So! The filter broke. Dont know how or when that happened (it was still making sounds when i unplugged it from betta tank). So i made my own mini sponge filter from parts from all of my crappy spare filters and the broken one's bio-sponge. :)

    Found a nice burrow for him! Its a "moon cave". It is a small little hollow rock that is perfect size for him to hide in. He hasnt used it yet, still scared and hiding in the rock stack that they also gave me. Its a nice rock stack.

    Pictures tomorrow. Trying to fix the broken filter still, i will see if it works tomorrow. :)
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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    o yes. and i looked it up now. Just one pair of crabs (male and female) will be very happy in a 5gal according to all of the sites. And they all say that its impossible to breed in a home aquarium thing, so i should be okay to have a male and a female and not have them breed. :)
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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    fixed the filter! Im awesome. Something was happening that the impeller kept disconnecting from the magnet that spins it. So i siliconed the impeller into the magnet, let it cure for 24hrs like the tube said, and then put it all back in the motor and voila. Yay! He likes his moon cave. Spent the whole night in it last night. Still hasnt played on his rocks. Im hoping he will. Baited the top rock with food for if he ever gets there. His water is kind of cloudy, but its probably just because gravel is new and the sponge filter sucked. It should clear up now, hopefully. Once it does i will take pics.
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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    >:( Filter broke again. Apparently the motor of the filter is too hot or something, because the silicone melted away and lost its hold, and then the filter stopped working again. Getting super glue tomorrow. Water-proof. I hope that will work better... This was an expensive filter...
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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    So, i found the warranty for my filter finally. It says i have 2 years to "return to local distributor" with proof of purchase. That means take it back to where i bought it, right? So next weekend i can go return it, but until then i have to keep crab in the 75 where he was originally. That means by the time i get the new filter i can pick up a female same time! And i can get some ghost shrimp for my 75 while im there, as a nice treat for my tetras after their ich treatment is complete. :)

    Here are some pics of the tank awhile. I made it from all the stuff i had laying around the house (old ornaments).I changed the water again so that it cleared up a lot better, and rearranged a bit because i had his moon cave in there stupidly...

    FTS. If i had choice i would have done sand, but all i had in my substrate stash was blue. Then when that wasnt enough i had to go for whatever i could find at Walmart when i picked up that white cave. No blue left there to match, only pink or rainbow, or a giant bag of natural that was just way too much gravel. I chose pink fom my limited choices.

    Lots of above water area to play. 2 layers of rock cave are completely out of water, and one is only 1/4" submerged. Filter will be going behind skeleton. From what ive seen in my experience with crabs they love to climb over things and sit on things, so i made it pretty cluttered so they have lots of stimulation or whatever (mind blank on word i want).

    Closeup of the "den". Out of water just barely, easy to climb in and out of, but deep and dark inside. From the one night that i did have the crab in this enclosure, he loved this cave. Spent the night in his den and the daytime playing on his rocks and other things. The inside of the den is dark, but the outside makes me happy becuase...

    It glows. A lot. This is a small glow from only 10 seconds in the light after being in the dark all day. If i leave it in the light all day it is like 3 times brighter and it has a more blueish glow to it, and stays glowing for hours. Its supposed to (according to packaging) simulate moonlight by giving the blueish light to the tank.
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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    So since my crab is apparently amazing, i moved him for his safety. I think he will be okay in his little unfiltered tank for three days til i get new filter than he will in the 75gal where i had him after the filter broke. Today i was looking for him and nowhere that i looked could i find him!!! I started to panic thinking maybe he was sensitive to the ich medicine and that he died somewhere!

    He didnt though, of course. What he did do was climb the filter input tube and then go up into the filter and chill inside on top of the tube in the small space there under the filter lid. The filter tube is just like any filter tube, nowhere to get a footing. Its smooth hard plastic. There are no tall plants or ornaments too close to it, because i planned accordingly when i set up tank for the crab to live in it too that he wouldnt be able to get out. I think what he did is this:

    I dont know if that makes any sense to you, but its hard for me to describe, so i draw it since a picture says 1000 words. The orange things are his claws, drawn pretty much just so you know where his front is facing and can better understand, lol.

    Anyway, however he did it, i opened up the lid to check for crab parts in my impeller, and instantly found a perfectly intact crab sitting there staring at me for a bit before running to a hiding space (hard to find on a filter without going whole way in, lol) before i could snap a pic:

    When i had first opened door he was up on top of tube where that tab thing is. But like i said, he ran. So i caught him and now he is living in the newly refurbished crab tank. Which has a blue lid on it, i just didnt have it on for the camera shoot that last time since it was empty.
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

  10. Default

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    That is quite a crab you've got there.
    "Can ye fathom the ocean, dark and deep, where the mighty waves and the grandeur sweep?" - Fanny Crosby

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