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  1. Default Dwarf Gourami Bubble Nest!!!

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    OK this may be an inappropriate place to broadcast my utter joy right now... and some of you might say "So what?", but I am happy to say my little Galileo has blown several bubble nests before and after his water change, and I can't contain my excitement any longer! My question is, how is this nest actually formed? Does it have anything to do with mucous?? Does he inhale oxygen and then blow it toward the surface like a human would do with a bubble? Also, if I were to introduce a female into this scenario [I won't, the tank is only 5 gallons and is already inhabited by 2 african dwarf frogs too], would he see it as breeding time? I'm thinking of possibly looking into a species tank because I love this little guy so much...

    5 gallon planted tank - 1 female betta and one HUGE mystery snail
    60 gallon planted community 3 marble lyretail mollies, 3 creamsicle mollies, 9 lampeye tetras, 5 bloodfin tetras, 4 black skirt tetras, 1 rubberlipped pleco, 3 peppered corys, 3 bumblebee catfish, 3 emerald green corydoras, 2 gold danios, and 2 giant danios

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    I think you already know the answer when you put multiple gouramis in one tank... And now you want a species tank? C'mon!

    Bubble nests indicates either he is ready for breeding or he is happy in his tank, he doesn't need to go breeding though.

    Putting a female should be fine just until after breeding. Take out the female after releasing the eggs or else the male will harass her. But then, I would not recommend that you go this way.
    Da name's Paul. Not Dave. ROFL

    Learn to give and take. That's how things should always work.

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    Congratulations!! I was super excited when my betta started doing the same thing. :) I watched him, he would take a mouthful of air and then "stick" it to the floating water sprite which seems to be the base of his nest. Gourami and Bettas are amazing. :)

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