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    May 2012

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    Exclamation PLEASE HELP ASAP!! My Balloon Mollie is dying and idk what to do

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    I have recently added four fish to a 10gal tank cycled by a black mollie (total of 5 fish). Two were Lyre Tail Balloon Mollies and the other are regular Balloon Mollies.

    The Lyre Tails were the first to go. One died the day after I introduced the fish to the aquarium and the other died two days later. The first one started sinking to the bottom of the tank. Hours later he was found upside down (still alive) in-between two moss balls. After a few more hours he was found dead. The next day, the other Lyre Tail starts acting the same way. One of his fins seemed to be growing a white coat of something at the base; therefore he wasn't moving that fin at all. There was a bit of redness on his body just around the base of that fin, too. He was having difficulty breathing, he couldn't swim right, and randomly let himself sink to the bottom. Every now and then he'd float upside down or just lay there sideways. I didn't know if it was ich, or swimbladder, or some sort of fungal/bacterial infection, so I took him out of the tank and put him in a large fish bowl with an air pump inside. I put melafix and pimafix to try and help him. Soon after I took him to two different fish stores. They both told me that it looks to be a fungal issue and I had done all I could. I watched him as long as I could before I had to go to bed. He went from looking like he was getting better, to a point where I didn't think he was going to make it through the night. The day after that, he was still alive on the bottom of the fish bowl--BARELY. I did a water change on him and put some ich medication since the other stuff didn't seem to do anything for him. I could see little spots of white on both fins which I was most certainly sure was ich. I left for work, and when I came back he was a goner.

    Currently I have a Black Mollie, a Panda Mollie, a Sailfin Mollie, two Balloon Mollies, three golden snails, and three large moss balls in a 10gallon tank with no filter (due to medications).

    I have been medicating my tank since the incident with the first fish; however, I'm wondering if the same thing could be ailing yet another fish (one of the 4 bought). He is also a Balloon Mollie and he is sinking to the bottom. His health is deteriorating quickly and I don't really know how to help him. I don't even know whats wrong. The pet stores already checked my levels and said I was good (noting I had nitrites within the safe zone). My readings agree with what they told me. He is now getting to the point where he begins to lay sideways. I see him breathing quickly and heavily. I really want him to live...If you know what is wrong with him or know what I need to do from here, please help me!!!

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    First off breath. Next you should be doing large daily WCs. The white cottony growth is a fungal infection. The best way to treat that is with aquarium salt at 1tsp or tbsp per gallon (sorry forget right now it is REALLY late at night). That should get rid of the fungal infection in a couple of days. It will just fall right off and you can vacume it up when you do a WC. The aquarium salt will also get rid of the Ich. So my recomendation to you is to put your filter back on your tank, add aquarium salt, do daily LARGE WCs and raise the temp of the tank a few degrees. This should help tremendesly. After you do your WC remember to add back the salt. After everything looks good and back to normal continue with the treatment for 2 weeks longer.

    I have had a LOT of experience with fungal infections lately and have had to deal with ich in the past. I hope that your remaining fish make it. The most important thing that you can do now is to water change (WC) WC WC until your nuckles bleed (got that from another forum, but it is a good saying).
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    +1 to Idoerr. Though I have to mention that 5 mollies in a 10G seems a bit too much on the bio-load side. They are quite messy fish so if you really want mollies, go with only 3 of them. And remember to have 1 male and 2 females if going for mixed gender, or all males (or females) if not wanting the babies.

    For now, do a large water change and put back the filter. Add salt as needed on a separate bucket of tank water, dissolve the salt and add the water to the tank. Only do once every 4-6 hours, I recommend 2 teaspoons of salt every 6 hours. Ratio should be 1 tbsp of salt per 5 gallons water.
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    Read my signature about cycling a fish tank for one. And secondly, stop overstocking. You are trying to keep too many fish in a 10 gallon tank.

    Why is there no filter running? With medication in the tank, you need more filtering not less. You remove the charcoal, not shut the filter off. Do not buy more fish for this tank until you learn how to cycle. All this is just putting more fish to death.

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