Thanks so much guys. :)

Lookin great! What exactly ya plannin on throw in there
So far I'm thinking -- panda cories, bolivian rams, an angelfish or a group of angels and let them pair off, a bristlenosed pleco and maybe another school of something like diamond or colombian tetras. Or maybe some angelicus or kubotai loaches, although I think that's pushing the limits of how much the bottom of the tank can handle!

Congos are one of my favorite fish. I have 14 (I think) in my 90 gallon ranging in size from fully grown to about 3/4 fully grown both males and females. You are going to enjoy watching them grow and color up in time. They are a nice active fish to watch as well.
Thanks! I really adore them already. One of them is quite a bit bigger than the others and was the only one leftover from an older group at the LFS, and he's starting to get his adult colours! Great to be able to see what they might look like later on, although he looks ridiculous sitting in the middle of a school of plain silver fish half his size!

I like the second tank especially, and I am envious of your school of congo tetras. I would love some but do not have a tank large enough or room for a tank large enough.
Thanks! The other tank was my project a while ago. I'm aiming for the same look in my new tank (lots of driftwood and rocks in the centre and heavily planted around back and sides), it'll look much more similar once all the plants grow in.