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    Default help me... I must decide now

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    I accidentally bought 2 tire track eels (which I thought as kuhli loach at first) and put them in my tanks.. their size is less than 10 centimetres. If I see the size of their mouth, I think it's too little to eat the smallest fish in my tank. But I found 2 of my fishes have the little torn in their fin. Is it because of tire track eels aggression, or the other factor? Should I remove them soon? I mix swordtail, platy, molly, zebra, cory, loach with the diffrent size in the same tanks.. and the eel rarely swim out of the gravel...

    need answer soon

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    They are a natural predicator of small fish and will become more so as they mature. They also should not be in tanks less than 55 gallons.

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    Just got this off Wiki :


    Although tire track eels are often combined with medium to large-sized gouramis, knifefish, danios, loaches, Loricariids, eartheaters, Acaras, Cichlasomines and Asian catfishes in a community fish aquarium, they are not normally mixed with small-sized fish, because tire track eels are observed to "prey" upon smaller fish. Mixing them with fish belonging to the same species is also not recommended. This is because they are aggressive to members of the same fish family but peaceful to other fish species with similar care level requirements, size and temperament.

    Hope this helps.
    1) 140 gallon with 70 gallon sump. 1 German Rams, 50 neons , 16 Schwarzi cory, 10 harlequin rasbora, 6 Hengals Rasbora, 2 Bulldog Plecs, 4x dwarf Gouramis, 12 golden barbs, 12 cherry barbs,8 Yellow Boesemani Rainbows and loads of assasin snails. Sump has central heating pump. water flows through a 4 layer foam and 1- 2kg of bio, also has a 18"x 18" algae scrubber that works well. fluval U2 to transfer to my QT when needed

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    If so, do you know how to catch them easily without stressing my fish?? my tank is 60 litre in capacity, and it's full of water plant and coral and the base is covered with gravel. The eels are the escape expert, I'm affraid to stress out my fish while I'm trying to catch them..

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    I have not had eels but loaches that will hide in a pvc pipe. I would put a net over one end and a net over the other and just pick the whole thing up and put it over a pail. It will probably require 2 nets either way you do it.

    You may end up having to lower the water level a bunch, as well.

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    tiretracks will most definitely prey on small fish. I thought mine would be fine when small with large guppies, but he eventually ate them. they prey at night when your other fish are sleeping/slow moving. I would not recommend them with any smaller community fish.

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    Did you say you had coral in your tank?

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