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Thread: Have a question

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzyuru
    yea, I am worried about him. And I dont have high hopes that he will live unfortunatly. That is a horrible thing to say but its true, I dont expect him to live though at this very moment he is fine. I have one of those, what I always called a syphon. The plastic tube on the hose to vaccuum the gravel. Now I have mixed advice on weather to do a water change or not to keep him alive, cause I am not a monster, I would really rather he live. Someone who is VERY experianced with fish that I know said dont touch the water and let it cycle. Cause if I change the water he said it would not let the water cycle. He said change only a tiny bit of the water just to take the edge off if it gets bad. There are so many different opinions on everything about aquariums, it gets very confusing.
    I think your friend is confusing a fishless cycle and a fish in cycle - your bacteria grow in the filter, not the water, if you dont do water changes, the accumulation of ammonia from the fish, and the nitrites from when the bacteria start to work will be very toxic to your little fella. Keep doing the changes, and monitor your parameters with a test kit so you know where your cycles at (PS from experience they can be tough little devils, and if lucky can survive)

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    Problem in new tanks is that they also starve to death. You have to make sure he has some veggies and some pellets since there's no algae at all for him and as Scottfish says, wood is a requirement in their diet.

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    Yes, I have been giving him veggies and the algae wafers. He seems to prefer the fresh veggies haha I dont blame him. I have some driftwood in there he is always hiding in there, but cruises the tank once the lights go out

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    Actually didnt know it was part of their diet though haha. I just had it in there cause I liked the way it looked. Score one for me I guess. Yes I will continue to do the water changes and some vaccuuming in there. The water has been getting cloudy the passt few days so the cycle must be starting.

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    Cloudiness would suggest your cycle is underway.

    Food that Plecos love are, zucchini, cucumber, peas, water melon, cantaloupe melon. Also good to keep a bag of algae wafers too.
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    Fingers crossed! Wish Pico the Pleco (yes I am lame and named him or her) and me luck. Gonna test the water and do water changes as needed to keep my little buddy alive! It was also suggested to me to get live plants and some more airation to help. I am very attached to Pico already haha.

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    Live plants really will help the tank for several reasons. Also an airstone never goes wrong
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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