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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_lew
    So sorry that you lost her, Donna O. We'll do our best to get this figured out.

    You did well to go with the API liquid test kit, so that means your results were probably accurate.

    You mention that you've had the tank "over a month". That still sounds like a young tank, which I'm guessing means that it only recently finished cycling. Did you perform a fishless cycle, or were the guppies in place while you cycled the tank? How often did you change the water during the cycling process?

    The tank is close to 7 weeks old. At first I changed the water more often, a few times a week with 4 fish aboard. The last few weeks I have only been changing water about once a week. Right now I have 2 half-grown fish and about a dozen fry.

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    It can take a good six weeks to properly cycle a tank, so it does sound to me like yours probably finished cycling very recently. Did you test your water frequently (like, daily) while you cycled? If so, did the Ammonia or Nitrites ever get above 0.25-0.5 ppm? In a 20-gallon tank, this could have happened pretty easily, I think.

    What I am getting at is this: your water parameters look very nice right now, but I suspect that earlier on there may have been problematic levels of Ammonia or Nitrites. That would be consistent with your males hanging at the surface and being lethargic. This could also easily have stressed your fish, making them susceptible to disease, such as parasites and fin-rot (which is consistent with the ragged and/or clamped fins). Thanks to inbreeding, domesticated guppies (especially "fancy" types) are far, far less hardy than their wild ancestors, and are therefore not the best choice for a fish-in cycle of a new tank.

    If the salesperson at the fish store told you the guppies could cycle your tank--or if he/she failed to mention the need for cycling at all--then you are the victim of poor advice, and you are not alone. If you haven't read the excellent links on this site about cycling a tank, I highly recommend them, for your future knowledge and success in this hobby.

    The happier news is, with nitrates showing up on your test kit, your tank has finished cycling, so from now forward, those fish who survived have a decent chance of staying happy and healthy for you. I would increase the water changes for the next week or two, to ensure the best-possible water quality and help your remaining adults fight off disease.

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    Default Response to dr lew

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    I did not test water parameters at all until I lost my 4 lovely male fish. I was ignorant of the need to cycle tanks. This has all been a learning process for me. Unfortunately, the poor fish had to suffer, which I hated to see. I am visiting my daughter right now for a few days, but when I get back home I will do a water change.
    My daughter is the one who gave me the fish. Tomorrow I will ask her about a history on the fish. Thank you very much for your help.


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    Default Back with pictures

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    I am back from my daughters' with some pictures of her fish. I am including these because my fish came from her tank and she has been losing her fish also. When I asked her what she saw as far as symptoms in her fish she said all she noticed was that they did rub up against the ornaments in the tank sometimes. Of course with 4 kids she doesn't have much time to fish watch. My 2 small fish and my fry are still doing good. I am including a picture of my fry. I am hoping someone can tell me if they look normal. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice. I am doing a water change tomorrow. I have also acquired a 5g tank to use as a quarantine tank.

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