*slinks back in looking ashamed*

Yeahhh so I know I have been totally neglecting this build thread... sorry guys! Turns out that moving was a lot more of a pain than I remember it being (that's probably why I lived in my old apartment so long... it's like, as long as I REMEMBER how terrible moving is, I stick to one place, but then the memory fades and I think, why not...)

Hehe, anyway! A long-overdue update on the tank situation! The good news is, they're out of the 60g and it's gone! The bad news is, they're in the 120g, but I have yet to get the plumbing water-tight because I never was able to accomplish this 100% before the move.

SO the water level in the tank is just low enough that it does not reach the built-in overflows, and running the (admittedly underpowered for this size tank) AquaC Remora Pro until I get my act together. I used MUCH less sand this time around and just used a few cups from the old tank to seed it. New tank is cycled and has been up and running for about a month now... bought some new Koralia powerheads that will be coming soon, so the flow is about to get SERIOUS in there.

And everything is doing well! I added a yellow tang since my last visit. The damsels were given away on craigslist, and replaced with blue green chromis (much more agreeable temperament). I had to give the acan coral away as well since it wasn't doing well in the old tank... I know, terrible since it was expensive, but best for it in the long run.

And last but not least: added my first new coral in FOREVER just yesterday: a very small Zoa frag (TCN's Miami Hurricane Zoanthids), as well as 2 lil purple ORA mushrooms.