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    I just did a little research and determined that 150watts would work well for that tank size - someone on Amazon said 150 worked well for their 35 gal tank. A 100watt I saw said it was good for up to 30 gal - you don't want the heater on all the time over overheating your tank.

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    You also need to stock several of those barbs or they will do a lot of nipping on each other unless the aggression is spread around. Also, be careful with very large water changes because there is undissolved gasses in the water. Another would be that you are taking out the same temp as the water you add back in.

    Perhaps such large water changes might better be 30% and follow it up the next day with another. I also do large water changes but with new fish try to work up to them.

    With medication in the water, it's always best to increase the oxygen level either by adding an airstone or reduce the water level so the filter can do it. The nipping is a problem but generally does not cause the death of fish. Do you have hiding area's in the tank for them so they feel secure?

  3. Default

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    I do have created hiding areas with plants and rocks but the nipping is not due to aggression but what I saw was after the fish dies rest of the barbs nips the fins but not all the time.

    I had 20 barbs now its down to 12 actually this is happening due to the water temp. Theres no other explanation Ich was taken care of and that infection came from my LFS 'cos I remember that when I bought the green barbs one of them had some spots on his tail fin but I was not aware of the Ich at that time.

    But I'm trying my best to save rest of my fish.

    So according to andreahp a 150W is enough just to be on the safe side I'm thinking of buying a 200W one which is around USD5.69 with free shipping is it a good idea or should I go for a lesser one.
    Thank You

    -= SandMaaN =-

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    It does not hurt to have a higher wattage. You set them for 78 and it will be that whether you have a 150 or a 200. I prefer the higher wattage myself.

  5. Default

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    OK LH then I'll go for the 200W one thx.
    Thank You

    -= SandMaaN =-

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