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  1. Default Sick Blood Parrot :(

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    Hi there. I need some help with my Blood Parrot.
    I currently have a 70 gallon tank with 4 cichlids (Oscar, JD, Green Terror, and BP) and 2 plecos in it. My blood parrot is about 5-6 in. I have a Magnum 350 filter on the tank.

    My Blood Parrot has always had some bouts of strange white web-like substance on his scales on and off, but it's never been too bad and I've always just put in a bit of medicine or let it clear up and he's been fine. Recently, though, he's had a lot of the white web-like stuff on him and he's been acting really lethargic. The other day he was basically laying in a corner of my tank and is now just sitting in a corner, belly on the gravel. He's usually really active. The odd thing is that I put in some Copper Safe to see if that would fix it, and I turned off my filter so the carbon wouldn't remove the copper safe and he was better within a few hours. COMPLETELY normal. So I turned my filter back on about 24 hours later and he got the webbiness on him again. So I added more copper safe and turned off the filter. He got sick again. I turned my filter back on after he looked better, and now he's worse. I'm out of copper safe so have just turned off my filter for the moment. What could this be? It's so strange. None of the others are acting weird at all.

    I should note I've been having some issues with high ammonias in my tank. I've been doing frequent water changes to help lower the ammonias, but it's a recurring problem. My boyfriend and I are still trying to figure out the source because we have tried everything to lower them. Could this be related?

    If you have any ideas on what this could be or how to cure him, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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    The problem you are having with your fish is because of the high ammonia. The reason you are having this problem is most likely because your tank is overstocked. How large are the fish? Some would consider a 70 to be the barest minimum tank size for an oscar. Personally I wouldnt keep them in anything less than a 90. Plecos produce a lot of waste and would contribute significantly to the bioload of the tank depending on their size.

    Another issue is aggression and compatibility. Blood parrots are unable to fend for themselves against aggressive fish like GTs and JDs. This would place unnecessary stress on the fish, not to mention physical injuries
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  3. Default

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    My GT and JD are not aggressive. I know these are typically aggressive fish, but my Blood Parrot bothers them a lot more than they bother him. My JD generally just stays in his one area and my GT is very timid with the other fish. My BP is kind of a bully, actually, so I don't think it's stress or injury from aggression of the other fish.

    They won't be in the 70 much longer. My JD and GT will be moved to a 120 gallon in the next couple months and my oscar and BP will mostly likely be re-homed as I have to get rid of my fish tank.

    If the problem is because of ammonias, why are none of the other fish having the same problem? Or any problems? All the others are completely fine. Additionally, if it is because of Ammonias, why does he get better when I turn OFF the filter? Shouldn't it get worse because nothing's filtering out the ammonias?

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    You are having ammonia problems because you are overstocked and under-filtered for the tank size. In any tank, ammonia levels can rise and perhaps a fish or two dies. That does not mean every fish dies. The simple fact that you are having ammonia problems at all is proof of the above.

    I have bp and would never keep them with highly aggressive cichlids.

    But you can not turn the filter off when treating with medications. Medications reduce the oxygen in the tank and more filtration is needed, not less. Generally it means adding airstones to go with the filters you already have and removing charcoal if you happen to use it.

    CooperSafe is for Ick. What is wrong with him, I have no idea. Pictures would help. It could be bacterial or could be about anything.

    Filters are meant to run 24/7. That is how the fish breathe!!!!!!!!
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 04-21-2012 at 05:12 PM.

  5. Default

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    tank is over stocked as others have said. plecos alone can get massive. so do all the other fish in your tank. they also are all fairly messy high bio-load fish. and you should probably have atleast a hob on that tank with the canistar, you dont have enough filtration.

    when medication as LH has said, it decrease oxygen in the water. you need more flow and water movement not less. just take the carbon/charcoal out of the filter -.-. additionally whens the last time you've changed it? carbon/charcoal when used up, can start to leach chemicals and toxin back into the water. you said its like stands of webby white stuff? is it cottony? makes me thick flexibactor, if its more strandy like string makes me think more like parasites possibly. its really hard to tell. but hes getting sick repeatedly due to poor water conditions.

    just because only 1 fish is SHOWING signs of problems doesnt mean others are arent stressed or having issues you can't outwardly see. anything less then pristine water conditions is bad for the fish, period. whether they are showing symptons or not.

  6. Default

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    Well, thank you all. I will be taking my BP and Oscar to the pet store tomorrow to be adopted to someone who has more suitable conditions for them. My JD and GT will be in my tank for a couple more months before they will be moved to a much bigger tank at my boyfriend's house.

    However, I would like to emphasize again that my JD and GT have grown up together with my BP and ARE NOT AGGRESSIVE TOWARDS HIM. You may make generalizations about the species, but the fact is that my GT and JD simply are NOT at all aggressive because all the fish in my tank have been raised together.

    Additionally, CopperSafe is not just for ick. It treats any parasites, which is what my boyfriend and I were concerned this was although it does not really look like it at this point. I could not remove the carbon from my filter at the time of putting in CopperSafe so I turned off the filter. There are several bubble bars and air stones in my tank and the filter was only off for a period of a couple hours.

    But regardless, my BP and Oscar will be removed from their current situation. So you can all rest easy.

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    Sounds to me as you come here seeking advice but didn't care to hear none that you were given. Sorry we weren't able to tell you what you wanted to hear but we always chose to tell the truth here for the sake of the fish.

  8. Default

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    I do care to hear the advice. However, there isn't whole lot I can do to help my fish other than relocate them. It's currently almost 1 am where I am and I can't do much tonight for them. I'm sorry if I came off as though I didn't want to hear your advice. I care very very much for my fish and only want to do what is right for them, just as I know you all want to help. And I genuinely appreciate it. It just seems all I can do is get my fish out of my tank into a healthier environment. I was merely trying to explain what my plans were and clarify that my fish are not aggressive towards my BP. They were raised together and have all established their territories and do not fight at all. I promise you that. And I just wanted to clarify that I added CopperSafe because it is not only for Ick. I'm sorry if you got a negative impression, but I do care GREATLY for my fish, which is precisely why I am doing what I think is best which is relocating them. Because I want to get them out of their current situation asap, I will be taking them to my lfs.

    So please don't tell me I don't care to hear your advice because it's not what I "wanted to hear." I love my fish and am trying to do the best thing I can for them. I apologize if you got the wrong impression. I was trying to explain and clarify, is all.

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