I'm pleased to announce the arrival of 7 white clouds who will be having a bit of R & R in quarantine before meeting their new goldfish buddies.

After many months of consideration, I decided that white clouds would be a nice addition to my tank. I'd considered leopard & zebra danios, golden medakas, and white clouds.... and have started with a small group of 7. Within maybe 6 months, I plan on a 210 to 245 or so litre tank (that's about 55 to 65 gallons) for my goldfish and providing everything is running smoothly, I'll up their school unless they've taken care of it already themselves.

** Now, I'm wondering about their colouring...... I noticed that 2 of the 7 are a golden colour and the others are what I'd consider their "normal" colour. Does anyone have any information on this.... is it normal to have this colour variance? They're quite pretty!