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    Default Black Moor chasing Comet? HELP!

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    Hi! So....some background info on my tank. It's a 10 gallon and I have 2 inch-ish black moor in it (yes I know it is small, I am upgrading soon, promise, and am RELIGIOUS about keeping ammonia levels down...Using a bacterial additive and an ammonia neutralizer, daily testing, bi-weekly filter changes, and weekly water changes for now. Our 55 gallon died on me, and this is what we could afford. She's still tiny at least!) We got a comet goldfish today who, with his tail is probably close to 4 inches or so....2 inches without tail. Space wise they have plenty of room, and there's multiple hidey holes and planted areas if they want their own space. We floated the comet and got him all acclimated and put him in. Normally we wouldn't put a fast moving goldie like that in there, but this one's a big baby. He was shy to eat in his tank at the store and and wasn't as active in chasing as some of the surprisingly more aggressive goldies in there were. He has a tiny chunk missing from his tail where the others had picked on him. Blame it on my feminine sensibilities, but I just HAD to rescue him from the other big bad fishies. Not to mention he is BEAUTIFUL! Well anyways, I put him in and my DEFINITELY female black moor is ALL OVER him (or her, I guess...the comet isn't showing any gender signs that I can find, I don't think he's mature yet. I'm thinking with his tail, he's probably male?)! She would swim right next to him or behind him, and make little fish kissy faces on his sides and chase him around the tank a bit, but HAS NOT ONCE NIPPED AT A FIN OR ATTEMPTED TO. I repeat, she has NOT ONCE NIPPED AT HIM! After about an hour and a half now of watching them, she hasn't been as clingy as she was, but if they are more than half the tank apart, she swims right over to him again! I thought at first it was because of the small tank size, and that maybe it was territorial, but she's not being aggressive really, just annoying the crap out of him. Like I said, he's a little shy. Are they just friends and playing? Is it territorial, or something to do with mating? I've tried looking this up, but the only thing I can find is Comets chasing Moors, or distinctly territorial issues.

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    UPDATE: As of day two together, Lydia (my moor) isn't in little Ratchet's face as much, but still follows him around the tank like a lost puppy. Still no nipping that I've observed and no signs of injury. Ratchet (the comet) is still a pretty reserved fish. He enjoys swimming around and exploring, and of course eating, but he hasn't showed any signs of aggression towards her either; in fact, he pretty much ignores her and just does his thing with her tagging along like an annoying little sister never more than three inches away. I'm not as worried about aggression any more, and mating isn't an issue (YET, at least, since Ratchet isn't old enough, if he does even turn out to be a boy), but I still want to know if any one has any theories about what the heck they're doing.

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    A 10 gallon with a Moor and a Comet? That's just great. Awesome tank for two/ 10-12" goldfish!

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    You may not have known this, but fancy goldfish (moors) and Common/Comet Goldfish are not compatible tank mates. The Comet will out speed the Moor every time to food resources.
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    Lady Hobbs, like I said in my post above, they are not full grown yet, and my 55 died on me and this was what I could afford. There will be a new tank in the works soon. In the meantime, they have enough swimming room and Ammonia levels are safe. I am not ignorant to the fact that these fish grow large, quickly.

    Tiara, I did know this. My comet is shy, he hangs back a bit, even at feeding. As he gets more comfortable in his tank, if he speeds up and I start to get worried about food competition, I will divide them if necessary. As of their last feeding this morning, he ate just a LITTLE bit more than my moor, but she still got adequate food.

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    One more question about this tank...bought a new thermometer, and it's saying my water is 80...gets to 82 when the light is on. I have no heater in my tank, since I knew they like colder water, and my apartment is in the 65-70 degree range. It's not next to an outer wall or anything, I have a faulty thermometer, or is this actually possible somehow and I need to invest in a chiller?

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    I think your thermometer is off. In my experience unheated tanks are usually a couple degrees warmer than the room with the light on - I don't see an unheated 10 gallon tank getting to 80 in a 70 degree room. I have two betta tanks in my bedroom which can get to 80, and when that happens, even with the light on, they're usually about 82 degrees.

    goldfish can handle higher temperatures anyhow. Don't buy in a chiller (they're pretty expensive from what I've heard) - save that money for the larger tank you know your fish need.
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    A couple things that jumped out at me in your first post are very concerning. You say your ammonia levels are "safe," the only safe number for ammonia is zero. Anything more is toxic and with two goldies in such a small space it will become toxic very quickly. Please read about cycling with fish. You will need to do a water change, probably daily until you have 0 ammonia.

    The other item is that you are changing your filter bi-weekly. Your filter media holds the bacteria that your tank needs to deal with the ammonia. When you change the filter you are throwing away the bacteria and re-cycling your tank every time. If you are not familiar with cycling or the nitrogen cycle, please read up on it.

    I know you think you rescued ratchet, but fact is you have brought him into a poor environment. Your best option would be to return him to the store. If you choose not to do that I hope you wee willing to put into action the advice you are given here.
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    Thanks for the info Brhino, the thermometer is getting exchanged tomorrow.

    My ammonia levels were at zero until today....just hit 0.02 according to my meter.

    Also, I'm not throwing away the white part...just the blue one that says you're supposed to change every 2-4 weeks? LFS man said to try two weeks instead of four...realize they are definitely not 100% reliable, but....if you guys are telling me otherwise, then I'll stop. :/

    Also, I respectfully disagree with this the BEST possible environment for Ratchet as of right now? No. But I wouldn't call it poor. His tank and water are clean, the ammonia levels WERE zero (and that is being remedied as soon as I am off work with a water change and some safe start if I need it), he has enough food, and gets along well with his tank mate. He's in exactly the same size tank he was in at the pet store, with a heck of a lot less fish. I realize it's not ideal long-term, but for the next month or so, I think he'll be ok. Then he can swim around in the 75/90 gallon tank I am planning on getting.

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