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    My suggestion is look for either a sturdy steel framed stand or look at DIY stand builds using 2x6's and 4x4's. Once you see these, it will give you a sense of what's really durable and tough.

    Anything with solid wood and framed construction might be a good buy.
    Anything made of particle board or is sold in cheap big box furniture sections of store is automatically a bad buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StellaBean
    I'll have to check ikea. building isn't an option either since I want it to look like furniture... neither my husband nor I are handy with carpentry. plus I'm looking for a stand for a 20 gal and a 10 gal. everything on craigslist is too big (hence the small tanks). I'm spending a fortune to redo our living room, I'm pretty sure plywood and cinder blocks are out of the question... lol although... with the right fabric...

    I'm perfectly happy to buy. was hoping to get some opinions on the offerings in stores, ie. Marineland stands, etc.
    A solid wood end table or buffet table would be able to support 100 to 200 lbs easily. A very thick particle board should be able to support that weight also.

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    Often thrift shops will have TV or microwave stands that will work for smaller tanks. A coat of paint does wonder for a piece of beat up furniture as long as it's solid and not made of fiber board. My bedroom dresser held a 55 gallon for quite a long time. But whatever you get, may sure no sides are hanging over the stand.

    I did the cement block thing that Idoerr mentioned for a while. By the time I hauled those blocks home in the trunk of my car and carried them in the house, I could have won the muscle contest for the year. Good idea for basement tanks that never need moving, tho.

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    thanks to your suggestions, I've widened my search (kept thinking I had to use a FISH TANK STAND) and found Amazon has several varieties of Kitchen carts that would better suit the look I'm after and handle the weight with ease.

    Thanks everyone!!

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    On behalf of everyone, your very welcome. And congrats on finding the stand you need and like the look of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldoerr
    Another option that I am considering doing if I get a bigger tank is to use cinder blockes and plywood. With that method I am guessing that it would only take a matter of minutes to assemble the stand (stacking cinder blocks, paying a piece of plywood down). You can also to hide the ugly cinder blocks attach velcrow to fabric and then attach it to the plywood for a curtain that hides the stand.
    I did this years ago for a 30L and it worked great. Air pump(s), food, and supplies were stored in the holes in the blocks, and I made a 'skirt' for it. It looked really pretty nice! Remember that you can use full and half block to get the height that you want . Makes for a very stable and inexpensive stand.

    Our current aquarium sits atop a heavy-duty wooden lateral filing cabinet. That works too!
    40 Breeder, UGF (Keepin' it simple)
    Community Tank with Kribs (Bubbles and Jerry), Swordtails, Mollies, Cherry Barbs, Corys, Scissortails, Cardinals, Tiger Barbarians (ha), two zippy Zebra Danios and one fast-growing Common Pleco named Alfred.

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