Hello Everyone,

I just got back into SW again after a year and a half off. I was running a 40g FW system during my "layoff", but I got the itch for SW again, so here I am. My plan is to keep this tank as simple as possible...low light corals and lightly stocked. Just something for me and my daughter to enjoy.

Equipment: 40g standard, dual 39watt T5 fixture (ATI aquablue special, ATI blue plus), MP10, Aquaclear 70 with InTank media rack (floss, purigen, carbon, chaeto), JBJ Nanoglo for fuge light, 47 lbs. of sand, 27 lbs. of "reef saver" rock from Bulk Reef Supply, 9 lbs of store bought LR.

clown pair
citron clown goby
flame angelfish
skunk cleaner shrimp

green hairy mushroom
green frilly mushroom
red mushroom
bullseye mushroom
orange rhodactis mushroom
eagle eye zoas
la laker zoas
pink palys
2 unknown palys

I am using all external pumps, so I am hoping to avoid the use of a chiller. Down the road, I am going to get a HOB Reef Octopus skimmer (which also uses an external pump).

Thanks for looking in!
Startup FTS (sorry for the low quality iphone pic):

Modified AC70, with media tray from InTank:

Current FTS (4/4/2012)