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Thread: Omg....algae!

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    dmagerl - The fertilizer I got from and it says to use them once per month (total and trace) although the iron I plan on using on my swords every two weeks. If this isn't right what should I be using and how much?

    I'll be honest I don't know what to do about the lights. A number of folks didn't like my 5000k and thought I should have two 6700k or one 6700k and one 10,000k. So, some folks thought I needed more. I'm obviously not an expert and am totally confused as I get differing advice so I think for now I'm going to stick with what I just bought.

    I would prefer to not mess with C02 for a bit...I've changed substrate and lighting in the last month.

    Should I try reducing my light hours for a week or so? Maybe down to 8 hours/day?

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    OK, I was thinking liquid dosing when I said that. However, my experience with that fert is that it doesnt last a month so keep an eye on things.

    But with high light you have to use CO2. Light drives the uptake of all the other nutrients, so with high light you have high nutrient requirements.

    Three things you can try is to remove one of the bulbs if your fixture will work that way, raise the lights off the top of the tank, or put a piece of window screen between the light and the tank.

    And then you have to get some source of carbon. If not CO2, then use excel. Though a poor substitute, it's better than nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmagerl
    Two T5HO bulbs on a 30g tank is a lot of light if they're sitting on top of the tank.
    Wow, that is a lot of light. I've got one T5 6700k and one Colormax bulb on my 30g tank. I think I would remove one of your bulbs and see what happens.
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    I'm not sure it'll make a difference but my light fixture doesn't sit directly on the water. My light sits on brackets which keep it about 3-4 inches above the tank.

    I do have some Seachem Excel but I haven't been using it. I'll give that a try again. I hadn't even thought about that, thanks!

    I'll see how that goes and if I still have a problem I'll see about reducing my light hours, remove my 5000k tube, or something.


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    There's a saying i've heard many times:
    Concentrate on growing plants and not on killing algae.

    Once you've provided the conditions for robust plant growth, algae problems just go away.

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    Its attached to surfaces....plants, tank, house, even rocks at the bottom.

    I dosed with Excel this am and reduced lighting to 8 hours. We'll see.

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    You could also try adding some fast growing plants that will take up a lot of nutrients from the water, like hornwart or pennywart.

    I used that when I had a large ammoina spike in my 90 gallon and it seamed to help a lot to keep the nitrates down to were they normally were.
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    Reading this, I believe your problem is the same one I am having.

    I have always used low lights.....or considered low lights for plants. My particular problem started with I went to T5H0 and 1000k.

    My light is on an open top tank on feet 4" above the tank, too.

    To me, they have hit it on the head when they are saying we need CO2 with these lights and I sure as heck won't use it. (Been there/Done that.) The only way I would is if I could afford a pressured system but I never did want a high tech set up. I simply want a nice looking planted tank without all the my 29 gallon that I love and has exactly 2-18 watt 6700K.

    I have grown everything I wanted to grow under these lights yet it's not too much for java moss or anubias but still grows Ludwigia to the waters surface, rotala and hygro's. Works for me.

    Reading about green spot algae, everyone says increase phosphates. I have phosphates in my water too high as it is so that is not the solution in my case. The lights may be using up everything but the phosphates so also leaving me with an imbalance.

    I am using Excel now for a few days but not to my liking. It may be a quick fix but not the solution. I am ordering new bulbs today.

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