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    I hope that last post didn't come across as that I don't want suggestions...but I guess I am looking for suggestions that work with what I currently have, and not starting all over. I appreciate all of the input that everyone gives - I am learning SO MUCH about this hobby!!!

    I have made some mistakes and I am trying to not make any more. I want to do the best I can for the fish I have and for any future additions I might make. So thank you all!!

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    Why are you worried about the Panaque? They eat wood and cellulose-rich foods like peeled and cored apple. You put the apple into the tank in the evenings near where he hangs out. You'll see in the morning whether he's been eating it or not.

    You can also try fresh leafy vegetables. Just rinse them clean under the sink, and rubber-band them to a suitable stone near his spot every evening, and if the leaf is skeletonized in the morning, he's fed. Panaques will also take cantaloupe pieces.

    Stay away from iceberg lettuce since it's nutritionally useless. Romaine lettuce is fine. Just experiment to see what your little Panaque will take. You'll need to put something in for him every evening.

    Reason I say apple is my 16-inch 25-year-old P. nigrolineatus loves them. Panaque means 'having spoon-like teeth' by the way.

    Raphael cats are highly nocturnal. A few may learn to come out in the morning and evening to eat.

    Isn't really technically correct keeping fishes from specific region in a tank. It's just they seem to understand each other better, than say, swordtails from Mexico with Rainbowfish from Australia and New Zealand do.

    As to the grey ('nee black) skirts, you could easily stock a dozen of them. However, black skirts are semi-aggressive, and may attack any addition to their group. You could try adding them at night since that gives you a much better chance the established tetras will accept them into the school.

    What species is a 'cuckoo cat'? Common names sometimes boggle me. For instance, your black skirts used to be called black widow tetras.

    When a finger points to the moon, the imbecile looks at the finger.

    Omnia mutantur nihil interit.

    The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go

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    Thanks for the reply!

    The panaque has a story - not an ideal one - please don't yell at me!

    We have had him in the 92 since we got him, at first he was fairly active and I saw him regularly. We have lots of driftwood in all three tanks for the plecos. I feed them veggies all the time, the only thing I have ever seen him eat was cucumber.

    When we added the gold nugget, he got a little quieter - but I never saw them having issues and they both hung out in their usual spots, and sometimes quite close to each other with no tussles. Then my BN became too territorial for the 29 gal tank (beating up on some baby catfish - Synodontis lucipinnis), so I put him in the 92 and he gave the panaque a REALLY hard time - the panaque was completely displaced from his spot, and every time they came across each other the BN would chase him off.

    So - here's the not ideal part - we were about to get the 26 bowfront up and running anyway, so we got that set up, planted it, and put the panaque in there by himself with a borneo sucker (hillstream loach I think) to cycle it. I know, I know - you are not supposed to cycle with bottom dwellers. I thought about this ALOT - I finally decided that a very slow cycle, with DILIGENT water changes, would be less stressful than getting beat up all the time.

    So far the tank has been up for a week, ammonia has been less than 0.5 the whole time, I got a small nitrite reading of 0.25 two days ago. Now the ammonia is almost zero, the nitrites are between 0-0.25, and the nitrates are starting to show up at 0-5. The pH however, is at 6.0, but I have not tried to monkey with it, everything I have read says let the pH do what it will during cycling. I have also been taking my water samples from the BOTTOM of the tank.

    The panaque has been very quiet, not moving around a whole lot, and changing color alot - sometimes gets kind of pale, sometimes has pale blotches, sometimes darkens up again. I have tried feeding him asparagus, romaine lettuce, and apple. So far no go on anything. His belly is not full, but not sunken in either.

    I love him - he's my favorite fish - and I am so worried that I have not done right by him

    As for the skirts - that's interesting, they have always been so peaceful!! Some of the sweetest in the tank. But, we got them all at the same time, so haven't tried to add to their school since the very beginning.

    The cuckoo catfish is a Synodontis multipunctata. African. He is in the 29 currently, when he gets a little bigger (about 3 in now) he will go into the 92, but I want to move the pictus cats out of there first cuz I think they might bully him. He's very shy.

    And, yes, the raphael hides ALL THE TIME!! But I love him when he does come out. I never see him eat, but when he comes out of his cave his belly looks full, so he's getting something.

    I have a small catfish addiction problem.

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    Tetras were at one time in the genus Tetragonopterus, hence the name. Tetra means five, which is how many teeth your black skirts have in their jaws, meaning they can severely nip new arrivals to the schools. In Characins, the family Tetras belong in, are also Pirana, where the five teeth in each jaw is obvious.

    When that tank stabilizes that Panaque should shape up again. Do hope he makes it though, since the ammonia and nitrite, even a little bit, is very hard on fishes.

    When a finger points to the moon, the imbecile looks at the finger.

    Omnia mutantur nihil interit.

    The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go

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    Interesting about the tetras - did not know that. I agree about the panaque - I really hope he does ok. Thanks for the input.

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