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  1. Exclamation Chronically ill betta

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    Fanshawe is a male twin-tail betta.

    Tank: 2G Fluval Spec
    Temp: ~77F
    Params: GH 120ppm / KH 120ppm / PH 7.0 / Nitrite 0ppm / Nitrate 20ppm / Ammonia 0

    Tankmate: Zebra nerite snail (except when being medicated)

    History: Past bout of fin rot successfully treated with Furan 2.

    A few months ago, I started to suspect fin rot again. Ragged edges were starting to show, and lethargy was apparent. Treatment with Furan 2 was unsuccessful. Due to the appearance of some white-ish patches near dorsal fin, suspected fungus. Two rounds of Fungus Cure had no effect. Followed up with another round of Furan 2 to no effect.

    Maintained water and observed for a few more weeks (with no treatment), at which time, I started a new treatment with two rounds of TC Tetracycline. At this time, had begun to suspect body rot. Dorsal fin had been completely shed (all at once, not gradually). Treatment had no effect.

    Have ceased treatment and am maintaining water as best I can (though many rounds of antibiotics have disrupted the cycle).

    Current symptoms:

    - Very lethargic.
    - White spot/protrusion on left side just below dorsal fin area.
    - Complete dorsal fin loss with no sign of regrowth.
    - Clamped and deteriorating tail fins.
    - Occasional scale/skin loss near noted protrusion.
    - Does not flare upon introduction of "threat".

    Please let me know if you have any ideas about what this might be and/or how it might be treated.


  2. Default

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    This is NOT a picture of my betta, but is a good example of what the protrusion on his side looks like (note the white-ish area on this fish):

  3. #3


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    You could try treating with medicated baths. I'm having success with formalin/malachite green baths (found in QuIck Attack) and I've read of success with methylene blue.

    You've used a considerable amount of anti-biotics on this fish and it doesn't seem like its had much effect. I'd say its safe to rule out bacteria.

    Try the baths, keep us updated.

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    Is the tank filtered?

    2g is really too small for a betta. If it's not filtered, the water gets bad quickly. If it is filtered, there's no place for the betta to escape the flow. Both of these conditions lead to stress, and stress leads to illness.

    I would upgrade the tank to at least 5g.
    "The Dumpster Tank" 26g flat back hex - Gardneri killifish, Checker barbs, Harlequin rasbora, SAE

    "Mini Mbuna" 20g long - 1 M. pulpican, 1 M. joanjohnsonae

    "CA/SA Tank in progress" 75g - Serpae tetra, Bristlenose pleco

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    +1 with nickelodeon - what kind of filter is on this tank? I also agree that the tank is too small - small tanks are usually marketed for bettas but that doesn't mean a betta will be happy. Are you checking your water parameters daily?

    In addition, I've read in other threads that bettas prefer a higher temp than what you are keeping your tank at - more like 80 versus 77.
    Last edited by Imma24; 03-28-2012 at 06:57 PM.

  6. Default

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    The Fluval Spec has an internal filter that is adjustable. Typically, my little guy has not been bothered by the current as he has a plant and a structure to hide in.

    I'll ponder an upgrade and/or a temperature increase, though I'm still highly suspicious that these symptoms point to a specific illness.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

  7. Default

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    andreahp: Whoops - missed your question. No, I do not check params daily. This tank shows stable params over long periods of time, so I find I don't get much information out of more frequent checks than I do (approximately twice per month).

  8. Default

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    I don't disagree that it is likely a specific illness, but illnesses are often caused by poor conditions/stress.
    "The Dumpster Tank" 26g flat back hex - Gardneri killifish, Checker barbs, Harlequin rasbora, SAE

    "Mini Mbuna" 20g long - 1 M. pulpican, 1 M. joanjohnsonae

    "CA/SA Tank in progress" 75g - Serpae tetra, Bristlenose pleco

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