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    Default Bottom dwelling tankmates for Kuhli loaches

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    I really like the Kuhlis and what people say about them, so I am trying to figure out how to fit them into my three current tanks plus 1 future tank. I already have a lot of bottom dwellers, so here is a list of what I have. Keep in mind they ARE NOT all together but spread out through three tanks (92, 29, and 26gal) . The future tank is a 180, planned for the fall.

    Pinstripe panaque
    Gold nugget pleco
    Bristlenose pleco - who is quite territorial and extremely busy
    longfin albino BN pleco
    5 sterbae cories
    Spotted raphael catfish
    Cuckoo catfish
    3 synodontis lucipinnis - false cuckoos
    2 pictus cats

    Any of these strike you as good or bad tank mates for Kuhlis? I would love to get them but if not compatible I will hold off until some later time. :)

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    Khulis are great tanks mates for everyone! If you provide stacks of bogwood, thisckets of plants, and shaded areas they will thrive. All of them sound pretty ok for khulis
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    YAY!!! What a great answer!!

    I think the only ones I was really worried about are the pictus cats. They aren't mean but they crash around the tank and barge into everyone.

    How about this for an idea: Could I start with 6 baby kuhlis in a 26 bowfront, (once its cycled), then move them to either the 92 or the 180 when they grow up?

    How fast do they grow? I won't have the 180 until fall or winter, so could they stay in the 26 for that long? I would also have the pinstripe panaque in there, and probably a school of something....maybe danios, rasboras, or barbs, haven't decided which yet.

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    Right, this is from experience here. Once you add khulis to a tank then that's there home, forever. They get in about the gravel, filter etc and can move lightning quick, so unless you drained your tank down to 1 inch of water and removed everything, you won't catch them. I'd say for your 29 10 khulis is a good idea, I have 14 in my 32g and they are great!!
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    OK great tip! Good to know. I will see if I can talk the hubby into 6-8 or so of the little cuties. And that number of khulis, plus a middle-tank-level school of something, plus a small pleco won't overload a 26? We have a Fluval canister filter for it.

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