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Thread: Betta - Fin rot

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    Default Betta - Fin rot

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    Six Gallon Fluval Edge
    Aquaclear 20
    Heater - temp 76-78 degrees
    Water parameters, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate barely registers, PH 7.4
    Gravel Vacuum/25 percent water change/filter rinse out in tank water once a week.

    Occupants: Betta Half-moon, 2 Otto Cats, 1 Mystery snail

    So, last night, sitting by the tank as I always do, I'm watching Tiberius my Halfmoon, and i notice a "thread" sort of hanging off him, its small, and I notice it looks like a ripped fin. I decide to keep an eye on him, as he's never had ripped finnage. This morning, I check on him, and on his upper back fin, there's two more "threads" and obvious holes in that fin. I suspect fin rot.

    Since I've had serious diatom issues in this tank, and every time I clean it the gravel gets worse and worse, I suspect some "lurking" something in the tank, and decide to remove all of the brown stained (once white) gravel, and its a mess. I vacuum it every week, but by taking it all out I realize this remnant detritus could be causing the issue. The gravel has been removed, a 50 percent water change done, and filter media rinsed out in dechlorinated water (the removed water was just too BLEH to clean the filter media with.

    That said, with the occupants of the tank, what can I safely treat the Betta with? This guy is my spoiled pride and joy, so the idea of losing him is just, well, no. I do not currently have a sick tank, if need be and last resort I can remove the ottos and the snail to my 20 gallon, but would prefer not to.

    What advice do any of you have for this? I've actually never dealt with fin rot before, and am really surprised by it considering my tank maintenance.

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    I would just do a lot of water changes and keep a close eye on him. He could've simply snagged his fin on something. HMs are really sensitive to water quality... Takes great conditions to keep that pretty finnage looking good.

    Definitely move the otos, though. The tank is overstocked with them and a 6g is too small for otos anyway.

    How long has the Betta been in there? I suspect the current from the Aquaclear may be too much for him. HMs are terribly picky about current and the issue you see could be caused by tail biting. They tend to start doing that when bored or stressed, most often due to too much current.

    Your temp is also too low.. I'd bump it up to 80*F.
    "The Dumpster Tank" 26g flat back hex - Betta albimarginata, checker barbs, pork chop rasbora

    "Nano Fish Tank" 20g long - Celestial Pearl Danios, microrasboras

    "Mbuna Tank" 75g - Ps. saulosi, I. sprengerae, M. pulpican, M. joanjohnsonae, Cyno. sp. "hara"

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    The current as you say could be too pwoerful, I know he doesn't love it. Should I switch perhaps to Duetto or something of that like? Are they powerful enough of a filter?

    Wasn't aware that was too much, those were recommended to me on this forum to beat a diatom issue in this tank. Which, they solved hands down.

    The Betta has been in the tank since about the last day of December. Tank is completely cycled.

    Today his fins are worse, it doesn't look like biting as its now going shredded, will be doing partial water changes every day and stepping up the tank maintenance of a full clean to twice a week and see if there is improvement. Will consider where to move the ottos although the snail seems to be the biggest mess maker in the tank.

    My heater is also the pre-set variety, so I can't make it go higher. I will look into a new one with a changeable thermostat.

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    Actually... shredded tails usually are a sign of tail biting. :( It's a horrible habit to break, unfortunately!

    The Duetto50 is perfect for 5-6 gallon tanks. The flow turns WAY down so bettas love it. Simply remove the plastic carbon cartridge and dump the ceramic rings out of your AquaClear in there instead. You can probably cut up the sponge from the Aquaclear and throw that in there, too, so you don't lose much beneficial bacteria
    "The Dumpster Tank" 26g flat back hex - Betta albimarginata, checker barbs, pork chop rasbora

    "Nano Fish Tank" 20g long - Celestial Pearl Danios, microrasboras

    "Mbuna Tank" 75g - Ps. saulosi, I. sprengerae, M. pulpican, M. joanjohnsonae, Cyno. sp. "hara"

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    Okay, for the time being, I had a spare 50watt heater laying around brand new in the box. (Why I had this I have NO idea, but hey!), and changed out the preset small heater and am gradually raising the temp.

    Snail removed and placed in the twenty gallon community with the other snail, the change didn't bother him a bit. that should cut the bio-load down some.

    Still have the Ottos, not entirely sure what I will do currently, as my 20 gallon is really maxed out. Will ponder this some.

    Couldn't find the Duetto, not in any local pet stores, might have to order online. In the meantime, took a spare aquaclear sponge and cut a hole in it making a sleeve to create a home made pre-filter sponge. Slipped this on the intake and its cut the flow down dramatically.

    Did a water change, and also added some fluval water polishing pads cut to fit into the filter housing with the sponge, and removed the carbon, not sure the carbon was doing anything beneficial anyway lol. Used Prime and used some Stress Coat, just a bit, in the change water to see if it helps.

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