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With that high of lighting, you could likely keep any type of coral you wanted

If you do get it, my only suggestion would be to change one of the white 12K bulbs with a super blue bulb. The super blue will still have a lot of usable light for your corals but help with keeping nasty algaes down as they do not like the bluer color tones as much as they like white/red color tone

Having the bulbs on different power cords is a good option to have as well. If you find this give you too much light, you can always just use two of the four bulbs.

I have a off-brand 8 bulb fixture on a 90 gallon SPS tank and I really like it. But I only use 6 of the 8 bulbs as all 8 is way too much for my tank
The light is all setup and it looks great but seems very bright when all 4 lights are running.

When Cliff mentioned I could run 2 bulbs should I change the bulbs to make sure at least 1 blue and 1 12k on the same switch? As it is now 1 control for 12k 1 control for actinic and 1 control for lead's. I think I know the answer (yes) but want to make sure. Alternatively, would it be okay if I had either 1 12k and 2 actinics or vice versa to bring the brightness down?

Thanks for the help!