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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs
    Wendy, right now plants are your last problem and you need not think about that when you do not have a light yet? One step at a time there, gal. You can add plants anytime you want when you get your light.

    Yep. My thoughts exactly...another fifth dimension not ready to travel yet. In any case, light does work...but we rarely use, and only for a few short minutes....before it can heat up and start to melt the plastic. Good thing fish don't need light. Their only light source was our room lighting and the daylight filtering through the window from across the room.

    I will get some bacteria from that man's filter media today.
    Is there any truth to their claim that I could be getting bad bacteria to cause fish illness?

    If yes, will this bacteria die without fish to feed off of during the fishless cycling process?

    If not, and these "sick-causing bacteria" like Ich, fin rot, etc, won't die during the fishless cycling process but will survive in the filter just lurking to wait for my fish to attack......can I do anything to prevent the invasion???

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    I don't think you could get anything from the bacteria from his filter media, unless his tank is just plagued with constant diseases which is probably unlikely. I would ask the guy if he has had a lot of problems with diseases and what kind before I take any of the media from him just in case.
    Last edited by kattiq; 03-23-2012 at 12:45 PM.
    ڠ Kat's 29g Adventure ڠ
    29g FW Planted Community

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    Well....3rd day. 200 liter aquarium and only 3 ml of amonia added on first day. None since then. Today, several hours ago, added 6 liters of water siphoned from substrate and squeezed from filter sponge of a mature aquarium. Here is a photo of the test results.

    What do you think?

    Amonia looks like 4.0 to me. The chart doesn't have 3.0. And nitrites still look 0.

    So if I'm not wrong, I still do nothing today? No more amonia to add? Just wait until amonia drops, right?
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Yep, just wait till it drops! You won't be growing Nitrites just yet. But when you do they will rise fast and drop slowly.
    ڠ Kat's 29g Adventure ڠ
    29g FW Planted Community

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    Thanks!! patience patience patience patience.......

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    When I cycle with ammonia, I add the ammonia and don't even look at the tank for about 6-7 days. It takes a while for bacteria to grow and nothing will happen in a day or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WendysWorld
    Thanks!! patience patience patience patience.......
    Why? It's been 2 days!

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    I can understand her over excitement. I was chomping at the bit wishing something would happen quickly! Although I soon learned it doesn't and my patience was definitely tried at sometimes! It was definitely worth the wait and my fish are quite happy now.
    So yes Wendy, you will need lots and lots of patience! Try and research about fish or something to keep you occupied while you are waiting on the bacteria to grow. :)
    ڠ Kat's 29g Adventure ڠ
    29g FW Planted Community

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    i'm an anachrotism,,, lol i believe the only way to cycle a tank is with fish
    The only substitute for good manners is fast reflexes.
    RIP Roscoe. We will meet again Bug.

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    She already tried that. Got rid of her fish two days ago and is now trying to fishless cycle.

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