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    Default Beginning fishless cycle--hold my hand through this!

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    Beginning a fishless cycle. First time ever done this. Please---would appreciate if you save this thread in your favorites and follow along with me in case need your help! Like holding my hand every step of the way into this unchartered territory!!

    Removing overstocked fish from NEW 52 gallon tank today (was previously attempting to cycle with fish). Will give almost all the fish away to someone.

    Will begin fishless cycling after fish removed. Fishless cycle with amonia drops.


    Will the very few java ferns attached to driftwood survive the fishless cycling with amonia drops in the 52 gal tank? Or should remove them to the 11gal "quarantine tank"? Would prefer to keep them in main tank if would not be harmed, since 11 gal tank is so small and one of the driftwoods would fit but displace valuable water volume.

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    From what i know the plants help in the rwmoval of ammonia . As long as you dont go to high with drops the plants will probably speed up cycle time. Might want to confirm this as my plant shoddy at best.

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    The plants will be fine but since you have no light on the tank, I would put them in a container of water, I think, somewhere they will be getting some light.

    Plants will help with ammonia but that generally means a very heavily planted tank of fast growing plants. Doubtful that a java fern will do anything to change much.

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    I had a java fern and a sword throughout the entire month I was doing my cycle and they were completely fine!
    Good luck :)
    ڠ Kat's 29g Adventure ڠ
    29g FW Planted Community

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    Hey folks. Followed instructions on fishless cycling on this forum that Lady Hobbs posted. (thanks, by the way--very helpful, clear, easy to understand)

    Used the information from this website though to help calculate how much amonia to use:

    Today, amonia is at 4.00 . I think, that is within the 2 -4 ppm recommended to stay within during the fishless cycle, though 2 or 3ppm is more desirable.

    So did NOT add any more amonia today. Is that correct thing to do?

    Is there any reason should do any water change at all? Was thinking not needed, but felt best to check any way.

    Also, was wondering......after the fishless cycling is completed, how many inches of fish can expect to stock in this 50 gallon THE FIRST DAY?

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    You do not add ammonia until the 4 has dropped way down. After a week or so, it will drop daily. No water changes and why you are fishless cycling.

    You should be able to stock several fish when you are once cycled. That level of ammonia you are adding grows a pretty big amount of bacteria but of course common sense needs to be used.

    Fish stock will depend on what kind of fish. Stop worrying. Just test ammonia each day, add a bit more if needed and forget it until the next day.

  7. Default

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    If you are going for a densely planted tropical aquarium you may want to consider a "Silent Cycle".

    I have provided a link.

    60 gallon freshwater planted - 4 angels 4 corrie cats
    5 Gallon freshwater planted - 1 corrie cat 4 Tetra 6 Guppies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Codemonkey
    If you are going for a densely planted tropical aquarium you may want to consider a "Silent Cycle".

    I have provided a link.

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone's help on this forum. REALLY! Thank you soooo much!!

    Thank you for this information and website link "CodeMonkey". The plants already in my tank now are java ferns and are there by complete accident, just a lame attempt at a live plant that is pretty much indestructibe for the beginner aquarist. Having a Java Fern had absolutely nothing to do with cycling goals. And can't even begin to think of using plants to assist my cycling process.

    So thanks for your attempt to help me, "CodeMonkey" but I must be honest though. I never thought I was a stupid person, but feeling a little overwhelmed with all the learning going into this BRAND NEW hobby. So I'll save that website you sent to read someday after had some more experience under my belt in this awesomely interesting, deeply intricate hobby. But for now......I think I'll follow the "Fishless Cycling for Dummies 101" that Lady Hobbs has provided on this forum!!!

    And thanks for the reply "Lady Hobbs" regarding ---"stop worrying"...."dont touch theory"!! So i did the right thing again!! Yippee!! I'll wait until the amonia drops to 2 or 3. And awesome to just test once a day, same time every day, and go back to work/live life without worrying!!

    (By the way, the five loaches---all still small juveniles--are doing great in that little 10 gallon tank while fishless cycling their future home!! That tiny little 320liter/hour filter is awesome!! Must have had tons of bacteria in that substrate and filter media because, even there are more fish now than was there before, somehow it is going well and the amonia/nitrite/nitrate levels are all 0! Of course, you were right though! IF I had added that filter to my main tank instead of using it for this small tank, it would have REALLY boosted this cycling process. Too bad I love my loaches too much to get rid of them---even if for short time--and had to keep them in the small tank. But we SOOOO much enjoy that tiny little tank with moonlights in our bedroom and those crazy loaches zooming around in there at night like jet planes!!)

    And I FOUND A MAN WHO WILL SHARE HIS FILTER MEDIA WITH ME!!! So happy about that! I will get it tomorrow!! Maybe that will help bring down the amonia levels quicker too!!

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    Wendy, right now plants are your last problem and you need not think about that when you do not have a light yet? One step at a time there, gal. You can add plants anytime you want when you get your light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs
    Wendy, right now plants are your last problem and you need not think about that when you do not have a light yet? One step at a time there, gal. You can add plants anytime you want when you get your light.

    Yep. My thoughts exactly...another fifth dimension not ready to travel yet. In any case, light does work...but we rarely use, and only for a few short minutes....before it can heat up and start to melt the plastic. Good thing fish don't need light. Their only light source was our room lighting and the daylight filtering through the window from across the room.

    I will get some bacteria from that man's filter media today.
    Is there any truth to their claim that I could be getting bad bacteria to cause fish illness?

    If yes, will this bacteria die without fish to feed off of during the fishless cycling process?

    If not, and these "sick-causing bacteria" like Ich, fin rot, etc, won't die during the fishless cycling process but will survive in the filter just lurking to wait for my fish to attack......can I do anything to prevent the invasion???

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