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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiari
    I hate to disagree with those who have posted, but Bettas should NOT eat algae tablets. Long term ingestion can, and likely will, Kill your Betta. Bettas are carnivores and should only get plant matter sparingly. Bettas also will gorge themselves, they never feel full, and can actually over eat themselves to death.

    My daughter's Betta just recently died from this very thing, gorging on an algae tablet meant for her otto cats.

    Instead, feed your snail items that the Betta will not eat, or be tempted by, such as blanched vegetables, like Zucchini, Romain lettuce and so fourth. The snail will eat, and there is zero risk to the Betta.
    Out of curiosity, why is algae bad for a betta? I've never tried with mine nor do I plan to, but this is rather interesting.

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    Well Betta's are Carnivores and im pretty sure there digestive system isnt designed for Veg, It passes through but nothing is absorbed.....

    The odd pea is good for constipation but veg is no good as part of their regular diet.

    Iv kept betta's with community fish and never thought algae wafters would cause problems... I suppose the betta doesnt bother with it when loads of other fish are gobbling it up.

    Tiari gave good advice!! =d Just feed the snail Veg and leave out the algae tabs.
    Last edited by -Alex-; 03-20-2012 at 12:24 AM.

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    Or if you really want to be safe take the snail out for feeding time and scop him up in some of the tank water and float it in the tank. That way its already all the same parameters and whatnot, and it stays right temp, but he can eat in peace without betta nomming on it. :) Ive been using this method on my snails for about 4 months.
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    Bettas should not be allowed to gorge themselves as it can easily cause constipation which leads to bloat
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    The biggest issue with algae tablets is that they're generally not meant for a fish to "bite" off pieces like the betta is attempting to do. They're designed for algae eaters to suck on, getting small pieces at a time.

    Additionally, some sinking tablets tend to swell when they come in contact with water, and if that happens in the betta's stomach, it's not good.

    Feeding issues are perhaps the biggest (and most overlooked) problem about keeping bettas with tankmates. Bettas are pigs and will eat whatever they can find. There's really no way to keep them away from something like an algae tablet that is meant to be consumed over a period of hours or even days.
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    The above posters said it pretty darn well!

    Algae tablets are a lot of food compressed into a hard tablet, and one bite a Betta might take off it, is much larger than it appears. A Betta stomach is the size of its eye, so you can imagine, three big bites off a swelling algae tablet will likely strain or even rupture its stomach.

    Also Betta's digestive systems are not designed to handle plant matter, and other than a cure for constipation, should never be fed. The number one cause of Betta premature death, is issues with feeding. Either feeding low quality food, feeding inappropriate food, or overfeeding. These can cause stomach rupture, gastrointestinal paralysis, and fatty liver disease. Make sure the food you purchase does not contain fillers (i.e. Tetra), and stick with ones with a good source and quality of ingredients. Also, don't feed freeze dried foods too often, such as brine shrimp and bloodworms. They are fine as a once in a while treat, but do not contain very much in the way of useable nutrients. Also it is VERY easy to overfeed freeze dried foods, and they may swell in the stomach once eaten.

    I also have a snail in my tank with my Betta, as well as Otto Cats and a ghost shrimp. My Betta is disinterested in Algae tablets, however I stopped feeding them after My daughter's Betta decided to consume a whole tablet, and died within 24 hours. It simply isn't worth the risk.

    To feed your snail, you can make it very easy by purchasing frozen bags of Zucchini, defrost and serve! They love that more than anything else I give them! There are many other "easy to serve" options for snails with vegetables, and the Betta's will leave them alone. They have no real interest in vegetable matter, except of course, to nosily check it out and see what it is.

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    My fish all nibble on pellets that I toss in for my shrimp and otto's. It turns to a pile of most mush within a short time. If it's food, fish will eat it.

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    I looked at the root issue: "Is the snail eating?" I saw no sign it was eating the algae tablets. I removed the tabs, blanched a small piece of Romaine lettuce and clipped it in the tank. By morning, it was well-nibbled, and I saw the snail munching on it a bit earlier.

    There's now a blanched carrot stick in there. Betta has checked out both these veggies out of curiosity, but is not eating them.

    Problem solved, I think!

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