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    Default Betta is eating algae tablets - problem?

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    I have a 5-gallon tank with a betta and apple snail (Pomacea diffusa, as best I can tell). The tank is new, with a very nice coating of what I think are diatoms after a one-month fishless cycle. The fish & snail were added yesterday.

    The snail has been motoring around briskly, but I can't tell whether it's been eating anything (the algae looks just the same after it passes over it), so I added some algae tablets for it - I broke an Aquarian brand sinking algae tablet in quarters and added two quarters, one at each end of the tank.

    The betta has been eating away at the tablets all afternoon. I know a bit of veggie is OK for a betta, but is this too much for it? Should I remove the tablets? Is the brown algae enough for the snail?

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    the Betta eating the pellets is very normal and healthy. but I'm not sure about the snail eating brown algae.

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    I've never experienced them eating anything but the green and IMO they aren't very good cleaners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LivebearersFTW
    I've never experienced them eating anything but the green.
    That's good to know; it answers my question that the snail isn't eating the brown. I'll leave the tablets in, then.

    The snail isn't there as a cleaner; it's for comic relief. (I've been thinking, "How can I grow MORE algae so I know the snail is well fed?")

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    From what I understand get a rock and put t in some dechlorinated water then place it somewhere it will get sunlight and algae will grow.
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    well you'll first have to scrub the brown algae off. Then perhaps increase the lighting time or move the tank closer to the window. But many people will tell you you don't want to increase the algae as long as your supplementing with tablets and the snail stays on the side you can assume hes well fed.

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    and if you want to ensure the snail gets some of the tablet you could put them in whole as it would give the Betta less places to grab and eat.

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    I agree with LivebearersFTW. They will get a better diet from sinking pellets and algae wafers... no need to mess around with algae .

    Apple snails are scavengers and eat anything in the wild... just eating alge wouldnt be very healthy for them.

    I used to feed mine bloodworms, Veggies, algae wafers and sinking catfish pellets.

    If your worried about it not getting the food simply place it infront of its mouth... they also like eating fingers =D!!
    Last edited by -Alex-; 03-19-2012 at 10:51 PM.

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    I hate to disagree with those who have posted, but Bettas should NOT eat algae tablets. Long term ingestion can, and likely will, Kill your Betta. Bettas are carnivores and should only get plant matter sparingly. Bettas also will gorge themselves, they never feel full, and can actually over eat themselves to death.

    My daughter's Betta just recently died from this very thing, gorging on an algae tablet meant for her otto cats.

    Instead, feed your snail items that the Betta will not eat, or be tempted by, such as blanched vegetables, like Zucchini, Romain lettuce and so fourth. The snail will eat, and there is zero risk to the Betta.

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    i was not aware well thank you for educating me I've not kept Bettas recently and when i did i was much younger. i only assumed because other tropical and sud-tropical fish are ok to eat them

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