I was thinking about giving this journal thing a shot.
My tank was completely set-up for the most part by the time i joined the ac but i slowly upgrade over time.

Right now i have my 40 breeder with about 8 pieces of driftwood, 4-5 larger rocks and some smaller rocks scattered around.

It's planted with banana plant, broad leaf ludwigia, needle leaf ludwigia, water sprite, wisteria, rotala and creeping charlie. All lighted by an aquatic life dual lamp t5 with a 6k and roasate bulb. I dose most of seachems liquid fert line according to there chart and have been pleased.

For filtration i recently upgraded from an eheim ecco series canister and a fluval u2 in tank filter to a single fluval 306. The new 306 is very nice.

As far as my inhabitants i may be pushing it number wise, but will be uprading soon. Plus none of my fish get very large and i maintain a very clean tank.

I have
2 pearl gourami
6 harlequin rasbora
4 rummynose tetra
1 yoyo loach
2 subfasca loach
1 cae (getting him out asap)
8 assorted corydoras
2 cherry barbs

My tankmates get along very well and have plenty of hiding places to explore.

Pics soon!