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  1. Default Short finned or baby?

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    I finally broke down and rescued a walmart betta. But I couldn't help it, he is BEAUTIFUL! All though at the time he was a bit pale he has really colored up and I must add is doing wonderful in community tank not bothering anyone. I know he is young as he is smaller, almost thought he was a female. Will have to post pics.

    My question is how can I tell if he is a short finned male or just a baby who hasn't grown his fins out yet? I looked at pics and can't tell the diff.

    He is purple bodied, with a small yellow strip at each fin that leads back into a deep purple. I saw a pic on here of a similer one as an avatar and I cried when I saw him. (yes I got emotional over a purple/yellow betta)

    Oh. and btw- he eats well but I still keep my feeding low so that he doesn't get over fed and sick. Is getting along well with guppies. Now if this changes I will put him in my 10 gal as I am trying to get it ready just in case. But so far I think he thinks he is one of the guppies, they swim in a group and at times he is off by himself in the lillies. I don't think he's a normal betta. But that works for me. Maybe if he's young enough he won't grow to become aggressive since he's already used to being in community.... or that is the hope. :-)
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  2. Default

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    How did you determine that it was not female?

    I've never seen plakats (short finned bettas) at Wal-mart before, but that doesn't mean they don't sell them. Most bettas I've seen at Wal-mart are usually quite a bit older than at other stores, too, so I'd be surprised to find a baby there.

    Can you post a picture?

    Just because he isn't aggressive doesn't mean he's not a normal betta. There are plenty of docile bettas out there!

    Also: if you paid for him, you technically did not "rescue" him, but no biggie. Enjoy your fish!!
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    If you paid money... it was not a rescue.

    Since "Money Talks" to Wal-Mart, and they are making a profit. You are actually encouraging them to continue their practices.

  4. Default

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    ok so shoot me for paying and not stealing him.

    I think it is a male because fins are longer yet still short, It has great coloring unlike a female should have and well.... not a great reason... but the cup said male. I've had females before and he does look a bit different. Still is doing well with the others.

    On a side note- even if everyone stopped buying fish at walmart, or clothes, or whatever... someone will still shop there and they will never close. I hate walmarts actions and the way they treat employees but my mom had to make a living there for several yrs. I may even have to work there because there are no jobs around here. And I am forced to shop there because I can't afford Fred Meyers and Shop Ko for diapers and stuff. I don't shop for food there often- I do Winco. But still no one will get rid of a large rotten company no matter how hard we try because too many people will ALWAYS like them.
    Define busy ~
    55 gal freashwater
    29 gal fresh
    3 cats, 1 dog and 3 kids.

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    I don't think this is the proper thread for discussing Wal-marts business practices.

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    in my opinion i'd call it a rescue too. cause you saved it from certain death. money spent or not. i've done that for a female betta and a puffer fish and 2 dalmation mollys. i just stare at the tank with sad eyes and my boyfreind goes and gets asstance. we usually do this in non-garden season as it's when the tanks are in poorest shape.

    and from experince, it might not be a short finned male. it could be a male that was the subject of cruelity by customers at the store. and it had it fins chewed on because some punks mixed him with other fish. and a store clerk caught it and fixed it. this happens alot at the one by me.

  7. Default

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    I said nothing about whether it is right or wrong to buy fish from Wal-mart, or whether or not it would do any good for one person to stop buying fish there... I simply stated that it is not technically a rescue... that's it.

    Again, can you post pics of your fish? It's impossible to tell without a picture...

    Could be a young male, a PK male, a VT male that has lost his fins due to past fin rot, or a female.
    "The Dumpster Tank" 26g flat back hex - Gardneri killifish, Checker barbs, Harlequin rasbora, SAE

    "Mini Mbuna" 20g long - 1 M. pulpican, 1 M. joanjohnsonae

    "CA/SA Tank in progress" 75g - Serpae tetra, Bristlenose pleco

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